Friday, February 11, 2005

The challenge of consistency

Since starting this blog, I've realized that I drifted away from dreamwork. I would often wake, realizing that what I call a "Medicine Dream" had occurred but I'd soon drift back to sleep or rise to meet the demands of the day. So.....I'm making a concerted effort to come here first thing each morning now and record dreams.

Or what I can recall...even remnants are important because I find if I hang on to anything from the dreamtime, it is because it is significant. The last remmant I recall, I was with someone who said to me that what I had been concerned about was a "dabbling into the dark side". Now, on the surface, those words could mean any number of things, from occult practices (which I do not involve myself in) to dark thoughts and feelings (which I'm not aware of any more than normal).

Because I have trained myself to ask immediately on waking what the dreamtime message means, even it's only a snippet I recall, I asked about this and I immediately understood that it wasn't referring to evil or negative actions per se but to a focus I had found myself entrained in, re finances.

I'd been stuck for days in a sort of "must do" mode, forgetting that spiritual action isn't about doing but about "being". Holding a frequency and transmitting that frequency long enough to manifest a result.

So far the stubborn collective mindset of "must do" and "must make something happen" has not completely left me but I am more aware and working more diligently to release that sort of pressure on myself. I call it spiritual surrender. I've got info on that in a free book that I offer. If you have an interest you can request a copy at my Spiritual Resources website.

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