Monday, February 14, 2005

Dream Interpretation - Guest Article

Guest Article Courtesy of Victorial Wizell
Dream Interpretation

There is a lot of material out on the market that is available to help you to interpret your dreams; dream books, dream analysis, dream therapists that you can go to, psychics on the internet or that you can call that will help to define for you what your dreams mean. While there may be some truth to what symbols have what meanings and you can by all means do some research in that area just to get an idea of what “they say” your dreams really mean.

However, symbols, dream themes, whatever you are dreaming about has it’s own very unique meaning to you. For example, a person may dream about flying. And they look into the dream dictionary about flying and they will see that it says something like: You feel undefeatable and nobody can tell you what you cannot do and accomplish. While that makes a lot of sense, it will have a slightly different meaning for you, perhaps some version of that definition or maybe not.
So, as you begin to interpret your dreams, it’s best to set aside all the blanket definitions and begin to ask yourself what your dreams mean to you.

Designate a part of your dream journal as your own dream dictionary.

So, during this next phase of interpreting your dreams, I want you to get yourself into deep meditative trance. This time however, imagine that there is a version of you in this special place that is your higher self, your spirit self, a part of you that is all knowing.

Bring to mind one of your dreams that you wish to interpret and ask this higher self something like; “why did I have this dream?” or “What is this dream telling me?” or “What does this dream mean?”

Go through every detail of the dream. If you find there are some strong symbols in there, ask that they be defined … colors, people, things, places.

I want you to remember what these things mean and begin to list in your dream dictionary what meaning certain symbols have to you. That way it will get easier for you to interpret dreams you have where you have the same symbols or places.

All of your dreams mean something to you. You dream them. They come from your mind. So, whether you are making a connection with a spirit, they are still flowing through you. So there is meaning for you in every single one of your dreams.

It’s good to put some emphasis and importance on being able to interpret your dreams.
Soon, you will learn to automatically interpret your dreams while you are recalling them and this will all come very natural to you the more you work with this and practice it on a regular basis.

It will be like speaking a second language. It’s hard at first, to learn that this word means this word when you start speaking it, but soon the two will come together.

Only you know how long to practice dream interpretation before moving into other, more advanced phases of dream control. Don’t cheat yourself and move on to other dream control techniques until you get really good at the basics. You really need to have the fundamentals in place in order to have the best experiences with the more advanced techniques.

It really stands to reason that it makes no sense to give yourself the suggestion to have a creative dream or a lucid dream unless you can remember that you had the dream and without interpreting the dream, it really isn’t going to have the same impact on you as when you can understand what the dream was about. So, the next step you will take once you have mastered both dream recall and dream interpretation, is that is dream incubation.

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