Friday, May 05, 2006

Dreams about Monsters and Sugar Daddy Mommas

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Bizarre but almost instantly decipherable dreams last night.

Dreams about Monsters:
I dreamed I was at a meeting where there were pews, like a church. Not sure it was a church service though. I lookedbehind me a couple of rows and saw this big red lizard-like monster,and I called out to warn the woman it was crawling toward.

Then, it came up two pews. I was lying on my left side with my rightleg extended behind me on the pew. This monster, which was kind ofa lump shape but scaly and red, the color of blood, mixed with some black,seemed to attach itself to my right calf. I was trying to scream but couldn'tbe heard over the boistrous conversations of the crowd. Finally, I found voiceand the man who owned the lizard thing suddenly realized it was on me andstarted up the aisle to get it. End of dream.

Somewhere in that same dream and in another dream sequence after that dreamsnippet (I call dreams snippets if they just seem to be a scene cut out of a largermovie rather than telling a whole story) I was approached by two or three men, with suggestions that I become the female equivalent of a Sugar Daddy and support them. End of Dream.

My take on the dreams so far:
They are both actually very easy to interpret for me. I had a conversation yesterday with a man whose girlfriend had just found out she had blood clots in her lungs. The clots had traveled from her legs. It is a condition called DVT, or Deep Vein Thrombosis. I, myself, have been concerned that I might still have some blockage in my right calf, becaues it swells. Talking with this man triggered the fear again and hence, the red monster attached to my calf.

Here's where it gets tricky. Is the dream telling me I am right or is it magnifying my fears? My initial feeling is that it is magnifying but I also know enough about creating your own reality to know that what you fear, you eventually can draw into your experience. It is really the only way to face fears that cannot be healed and released. So, either way, it's a serious dream but not one I would qualify as a "Medicine Dream". It did not have the feel of one, and it did not contain spiritual acceleration information. It just was what it was.

Dreams about Sugar Daddy Mommas:
The second dream is equally clear to me. Yesterday, also, I had some work done by a relative. I've been paying my relatives to do work around my house. There has been a feeling, of late, that charity might be expected rather than equal exchange, at least with one of them. In both cases, I do have work that needs to be done and I'm grateful to have someone who can do and be able to help members of my family too but sometimes it just feels like I have to keep it up now because they have grown to depend on it. My financial situation has changed this year and it has started to surface some feelings about money that I haven't had to deal with for a long time. It has made it harder not to allow myself to be aligned with the vibration of poverty that still exists for them.

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