Thursday, May 18, 2006

What are you telling your body to feel?

This isn't a dream. It's something I've been thinking about, pondering......

One of the things I find myself saying a lot lately is

"I'm so sick of __________."

Fill in the blank with whatever is making me feel sick at the moment.

I suddenly saw the energy around my etheric template (that area just beyond
the physical body, which I see as a sort of electric blue pulsing area around the body, which
is the template on which our physical reality manifests) just drastically drop in frequency.

As I watched the effect of my own words, it looked like the energy dropped about three or
four levels almost instantly.

How devastating.

What are you telling your body to feel?

Stress, anxiety, worry and other communicative emotional states create an actual chemical reaction in the body that can lead to feelings of depression, and can, long term, contribute to the development of stress-related health challenges.

Medical science is only touching the tip of the iceberg in correlating between stress and illness.

I'm not hesitant in stating that all illness, and even some injury, can be linked to stress-related emotion as a causative factor.

So, what are you telling your body to feel?

It became evident to me that I was telling my body to feel sick of it's own life.


Task at hand.....change what I'm saying to my body every day to reflect what I want to create.

Blessings, Neva

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