Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One of those times

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It's an interesting phenomenon. I wonder if anyone else experiences this....

The reason I haven't been posting my dreams lately isn't that I haven't been having any; it's more that they seem to resolve themselves within the dreamtime and I awake with nothing to work on about them.

Taking the time to write them down and dig the lessons out from my subconscious feels counter-productive. They are complete when I wake so there's really no need to rehash them later.

Not great for the blog, but great for me. It feels like I'm integrating the dreamtime messages within the dreams themselves and waking with no homework.

However, as with every other cycle in my spiritual life, I'm sure this will cycle around again to the point where I want to share dreamtime work and put into words what I have journeyed through.

Maybe someone else has some good dreamtime interpretation work that they'd like to post in the meantime? Feel free to post your dreams but any obvious advertising will, as always, simply be deleted.

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