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One take on global prayer efforts like Fire the Grid

Maureen Moss of World Puja, on Global Prayer
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Got this email from the World Puja folks and thought I'd post it since my dreamtime has been too complex and my life too busy to write out any of my dreams lately, though I certainly keep having some great ones and keep learning from the rich underbelly of my sleeping hours.

This is about a global prayer that is called fire the grid. You may have gotten an email about it.
Here's what one web presence has to say about it.

From Maureen Moss at World Puja:
I pray you are well. Upon my recent return from participating in "The Planetary Creatrix" hosted by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors in Seattle, Washington, I was deluged with letters questioning the authenticity of "The Fire The Grid Global Meditation" taking place on July 17. Most of the letters asked me for my opinion, as I know that the same was asked of a few others.

Because I answer all E-mails sent to me, I was guided to put my response into our mid-month newsletter.

So, here is my response to the numerous E-mails I have received. I urge you to please read this, not to be swayed by my opinion, but perhaps to gain a wider perspective on this incredible opportunity to use your own power of discernment along with your own internal guidance to empower yourself.

MY RESPONSE: I have never felt anything but the vital importance of a unified field of positive loving intention being sent into the Earth Grid (and our own personal grids) as being a wonderful, necessary and powerful thing to do. I have also said publicly and written that whenever the energy of Light is amped up, so is the energy of Dark. Undoubtedly we will stir the pot of all things whenever we take bold actions...however that pot is stirring right now as both the Dark and Light continue to jockey for position on this Planet. The world external is a grand mirror supporting that assessment.

Right now we stand at the most PIVOTAL juncture in our personal and planetary evolution. Human history documents this fact: humanity has never faced the world as one joyful unified race, ever. There has never been a collective triumph, where the majesty of the pure Love and Light filled human, has been realized and shared -- as One United State of Being. It is time, and it is time to cease being hypnotized and paralyzed by fear.

We are either going to rise as a species and a Planet or fall. The Divine Plan calls for us to rise, though we live on a Planet of free will, meaning anything can happen. I feel strongly that this incarnation is our final opportunity to change what has been previously documented.

What I know for sure is in either case I will give outward and inward all of the Love I can anytime, anywhere. If the Dark finds a way to use that Love to their advantage, so be it. There would obviously be no way in which I (or any of us) can control that

My two final thoughts: Millions of people focused on love with the intention of invoking LOVE AND LIGHT into our Beloved Mother Earth can't hurt anything unless you think it can...and then it just might unless enough of us override that disempowering thought. That is just my perspective and my personal discernment and it is the one I will hold when I do join with millions of my brothers and sisters and meditate on July 17. I will do so without fear of anything, as I know the mixture of the two is a chaotic cocktail that we have all had too many drinks of and suffered greatly as a result of that toxic mix.

At this point there are millions participating in I say let's go for the LOVE, period. Let's just sit and love our Planet and ourselves for one hour. That can't hurt anything can it?

My second and final thought is:

I know that I and each of us must discern for ourselves.

Perhaps with this controversy we being given an incredible opportunity to learn how to listen to our own guidance, which then greatly, greatly, empowers us, whichever we choose. I support making our individual decisions as wisely as possible and then surrender further thoughts because the moment of ABSOLUTE certainty will never arrive as long as we have both a mortal mind and a Divine mind that both seek dominion.

I send much love and gratitude to each and every one of you for caring so much about our Planet one way or the other. I pray that the pleas of those that came before us and sacrificed their lives to deliver the messages to love ourselves and each other back into wholeness and Oneness are answered sooner rather than later.

As for what's happening for the rest of the month on World Puja, at this point I will simply suggest that you take a visit to our home page at World Puja and discern for yourselves if you'd like to join us and our Divine, diverse and wonderful guests and be uplifted, inspired, motivated or simply soothed at your leisure.

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