Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Direction

Am I headed for Ashland?

It has probably been at least a year and a half since I had any sense of definite direction on a spiritual level.  I'm not alone in that.  Lauren Gorgo, Karen Bishop and many others on the transformative front of 2012 have talked about the many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fluxes that we are going thru, those who have stepped away from the mass collective, and how those fluxes have kept many of us from making any big moves at all.

I was so amazed and shocked on waking early in the morning recently, with some sort of vision of Ashland, Oregon right in front of my third eye.  I also sensed a blessed feeling of openness and expansion in the third eye area that felt delicious.

Now, I had not been considering a relocation to Ashland at all.  Still am not necessarily considering moving there.  I'm just paying attention to the message that there is something there for me.  Patience is needed and I AM leaning into that idea of stillness around an opening up, to see what it fills with and presents.

Update 2017:  Here I am again, with an invitation to go to Ashland, Oregon. Well, Talent, which is close. It keeps coming back around. If it were summer, I'd have no qualms. Brrrrsome now.

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