Sunday, January 15, 2012

Virtual Reality , Really?

Beckinfield Beckons....

A while back, I joined what is called a Mass Participation TV Project, or MPTV for short.

It's a concept ... create a virtual town online.  Have actors create characters to populate the fictional town.  See what happens.

What happens is kinda awesome.  I joined because I'm an actor and love creating believable characters.  I didn't realize, at the onset, how deeply thus acting experience would impact me.

Turns out, virtual reality is not that much different than what we think of as the real world.

I've formed relationships, not as myself but as my fictional character, with other characters created from the minds of other actors.

It's bizarre.

It's surreal.

It's metaphysical at a fairly amazing level.

Loving it.

Come see Leda Jo Gupta in Beckinfield.  Bet you'll be hooked if you stay very long....

Leda Jo Gupta, resident spiritual advisor of Beckinfield, California.

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