Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shadrach Village Web Series Launches!

It's a magical place!

I launched a new webisode show called Shadrach Village.

It's about a group of people who leave mainstream work and world to bring their dreams back alive.  They walk out on comfort to live in an old warehouse with no electricity or running water, because they feel like they are suffering even more greatly by living lives that don't make sense anymore.

Princess Oleska is the self-proclaimed leader of the village and it is all made possible by the generous contribution of the warehouse space by The Flushings, of Flushing Plumbing.

So, if you feel like you might remember just a little of something magic ... some dream that you had to lay down for one reason or another ... maybe a trip to the village is just what you need!

Update 2017: The platform for the webseries was taken down in 2012. I miss it and hope another mass production tv platform will open up soon so Shadrach Village can continue.

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