Friday, February 25, 2005

After the Flu

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The flu is gone and did not leave me fruitless of my suffering. I learned how to unstop my nose. I've had very few reasons to look for ways to unstop my nose since it is rarely every stopped up to begin with but that all began to change a few years ago. When my spiritual marriage of seven years dissolved, I didn't live well for a while. I didn't eat well, I didn't sleep well, I didn't live well, period. immune system suffered.

I found something that stopped the month-long flu, thank God. After two winters of being sick for three weeks to a month, I took a product called the antidote and it worked miracles for me. In fact, I see my getting over this last flu bug as pretty much of a miracle since it only took about five days, about the norm for a healthy immune system. I used to share information on this product but have since become concerned about the stability of ordering out of US and there have been some issues with the company, personally, though not with the product. I think it's great.

But man, that 2 and 1/2 days that my nose was completely stopped up....arrrgggghhhhh! I came close to banging my nose into the wall, just in hopes it would break something loose (except my nose of course). I didn't bang my nose against the wall but wow, what an infuriatingly annoying thing - 100 percent stopped up nose. No fun.

In the midst of all this, I discovered such a common remedy that I couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. It's even a little embarassing, as long as I've been a wellness counselor. How can it be, in all those years, I never heard about saline?

Of course, I knew about it for contact lenses, had used saline solution myself. And for washing out wounds. But unstopping noses? Nope. Amazing.

It was a combination of saline mist up the nose every 5 minutes plus cayenne tea that finally broke it all loose. Cayenne tea is a marvelous drink for colds and flu. I take a cayenne and hawthorn formula every day, due to heart stresses of the past and if I ever had a heart attack, I'd pray someone would get some cayenne tea down me asap.

Anyway, during this feverish, achy all over, nose stopped up time, I also had some wonderful recurrences of dreamtime activity including one I hadn't seen in quite a while. I call this phenomenon the "slideshow" but it's not a spectator event. I am actively involved in ways I can't begin to describe but perhaps, you've had this experience too?

It typically occurs when I'm just about to fall asleep. Suddenly, I will see an image. It is not a vague image, or a static one. There are people or animals in it and they are active. I am also very acutely aware that it is real time. It is an event that is happening somewhere on the globe at that moment in time. I used to try to tune in to the images, figure out what my spiritual assignment was regarding connecting to them at that moment, etc....

I don't do any of that any more. I've learned more and more that spiritual work is about being, not doing. Holding a vibration in space in conjunction with whatever work is going on.

These images flash, one after the other, like a slide show but not anything like. I'm not merely watching. I'm there. I'm part of. Something is changing, shifting, by my passing thru.....hard to articulate.

I might see a man teaching his son to ride a bike, followed by an oriental businessman at an elevator, deep in thought and then a mother, talking to her teenage son....on and on they go.

It was good to experience that again as I always felt the degree to which I was doing so was a good indicator of how much my awareness was expanded beyond my own reality.

Another thing that happened was that I had a medicine dream. All I remember of the dream was that I was gathering these long limbs of some kind of plant. the leaves had been removed and I was harvesting them as an offering to a spiritual teacher. Great dream, that one.

In relation to harvesting plants for spiritual use, you may find this ebook of benefit: how to harvest plants in a sacred way

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