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About Mother Meera

Mother Meera
Blogmaster Note: I am aware of Mother Meera on etheric levels. She has touched my life, though I've never met her. She is pure in Spirit. She is profoundly powerful. I wish to travel, just be with her and connect with her. The gift she gives freely, whether you travel or not. I believe she is a true avatar, the embodiment of Divinity in human form. I copied this information from the site of a devotee of Mother Meera. On that site, you will find information about traveling to visit her if it is your desire to do so. Please visit the site here for more information: Directions on a visit see Mother Meera

Here is a particularly poignant quote from Mother Meera. Oh, how I resonate with the truth of her truth.... "Nothing must be avoided. Those who love me will work with everything in the world - all the darkness and all the difficulties. Do people imagine I do not work, or that the realized man does not work? Divine work is the hardest work, and it is without end. I am asking people to take on the whole difficulty of matter and of reality. I have come in a body to show that this is possible."

I know that what Mother Meera spoke is absolute truth. The way is thru, not around, the darkness. Blessings.
About Mother Meera:

Mother Meera is one of the most widely revered and loved of the Avatars of the Divine Mother.

Born on December 26, 1960, in the village of Chandepalle in southern India, Mother Meera soon showed herself to be an unusual child: by the age of three she would report "going to various lights."

Her parents treated Mother Meera as an exceptional child and loved her very much. Her family was not especially religious and she was not brought up in any tradition. Mother Meera's real parents were the spiritual guides that she met in vision; it was from them that she received the love and help she needed.

The state of samadhi was constant for her. Under the auspices of her uncle, Mr. Reddy, Mother Meera lived for some time in Pondicherry where her extraordinary presence attracted considerable attention.

Mother Meera married a German in 1982; and he stays with her. She presently lives at Schaumburg, Balduinstein, a quiet village in Germany. Although she has not sought publicity, thousands of people from all over the world come to receive her Darshan, her silent bestowal of grace and light through her gaze and touch. Mother Meera is worshipped as a Divine Mother in India. The unique gift of Mother Meera to the world is to make available for the first time in the history of the Earth the radically transformative Light of Paramatman, the Supreme Being.

In this time of crisis and growing spiritual hunger, the Mother offers her children a direct transmission of Light that dissolves all barriers and changes the entire being. The Paramatman Light can be received by all who are open, whether or not they have met Mother Meera in the body.

As an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Mother Meera stands above all dogmas and hierarchies. She asks no special allegiance, and offers her trans- formative power to all, no matter what their path or religion. (from Mother Meera, Answers Part I)

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Disclaimer: This page is not an official page of Mother Meera. It is just a collection of documents that are or were publicly available. I republish them here out of a generally felt need, due to the lack of any official page - without authorization from Mother Meera. May it be of service to you.

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