Monday, February 14, 2005

Dreamless in Alabama

Dreamless in Alabama - The Cat's Meow

I did dream last night, yes. Do I remember? No. Not even a snippet can I get hold of this morning. My cat woke me in the early morning and obliterated whatever had been dreamed to that point and after that, I dreamed again but on waking, zzzzpppp. Gone.

What was once automatic for me has become difficult and challenging. I remember having a very strong dream just after the cat woke me. Unfortumately, that is all I remember.....

When I was most active in medicine dreaming, it became so effortless for me that I couldn't understand when people would tell me how hard it was to do. Now, I realize that the training I went thru just made it "seem" easy. absense of a dream to report, I thought I'd tell about another dream I had, of another medicine way. I guess I'd call these dreams "future dreams". One night I dreamed of a woman with long black hair, with bangs. She sat, playing a guitar and singing a song. When I woke, I remembered some words to the song as well as the tune of the song.

The next night, a friend of ours visited from Nashville. As our friend walked down the stone walk to greet me, she stepped aside and brought forward a friend of hers, for me to meet. It was the woman in my dream. As I went forward to hug her, I blurted out "you were in my dreams last night". No telling what she thought at
that moment,in my embrace.

Anyway, turned out she was a musician. She even had her guitar in the car, unbeknownst to me of course.

She later recorded the song I had heard in the dream and my friend reported that when this woman sang the song for her mother, her mother cried. That may have been the whole reason the dream came. For the woman's mother.

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