Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Dream Floodgates Have Opened!

I haven't posted to the blog for a while because, wow, the floodgates have opened. I've had so many significant dreams in the past few days, with such levels of meaning, that I can't keep up.

I am still researching the last three I recall. Well, one of them is pretty straightforward, though even in that one is a point of mystery.

I thought I'd preface the dreams I'll be sharing with a little information on dream interpretation in general. This is not information I've gathered from books but from experience. There is information I've gathered from books and programs but you could find that out on your own. I want to share what has come directly from working with my dreams actively, with spiritual intent. I don't deny the potential of true value in books that supply ready-made meanings for symbols and things that appear in dreams. I've used them myself when baffled by symbols that didn't have other connected meaing. One example was when I had a dream with my sister in it. She's a medicine dream worker like myself so when she appears, it typically isn't about our relationship nor does she typically represent a part of myself. (I know there are those who say that every person in the dream is an aspect of the dreamer - that's not my experience at all but that may have to do with my work as a healer and my awareness of space travel, astral travel and bilocation).

When this sister appears, she's either there because she needs help with something or she is there to help me.

In this dream, we were walking in line at a cafeteria. It's been a long time since the dream so I don't remember the details except that she told me I should get the potatos and raisins. Odd combination for lunch. Oh, I recall now.
I had chosen some kind of strawberry shortcake looking thing that probably had no real strawberries and no real nutrition.

Now, as a healer, I also pay attention to any foods, herbs or vitamins that are part of the dream, in relation to my own health, as you will see when I talk about the okra and beets dream in a few days. This dream could have been about eating better, obviously. But it wasn't. I went online and searched for dream meanings for potato and raisins. I actually found them, God bless the internet to good use, and the meaning fit exactly the message I most needed to hear.

However, after saying that, I will say that the dream will almost always reveal the meaning of things in it if you learn to ask. If the first thing you do is grab a book of definitions, you will be cheating yourself. Many times, maybe most times, something in a dream will have a different interpretation for me than the next person. For example, as a professional actress, whenever I'm on a set in a dream, it has a very different meaning for me than for someone who doesn't know that arena. If I went to a dream interpretation book, and looked up movie set, I doubt seriously it would have any value for me to accept the meaning I would find there because it is general, and my life is very specific in that area.

So, I call on outside sources only when I have exhausted my own ability to see the meaning. When I am blocked and can't discern (and I mean within a few days time - I don't just grab a book and someone else's definition within minutes. Sometimes it takes days for a dream's meaning to settle around me.) then I might pick up a book or look online.

I've found that the more I work with my own dreams, the less I ever need an outside interpretation of a symbol, thing, or person in them.

People in dreams can mean a lot of different things too, in my experience. They definitely are NOT always aspects of me. Part of the work of dream interpretation is to learn to recognize the subtle differences in feeling about people that will tell you what part they play in the dream. There is a distinctly different feeling (in the dream itself, not on waking) when a person appears that I am to work with as a healer. In those cases, whether the person is one known to me or someone I've never met, there is a centered, grounded focus on the other person and even in the dream, as I'm dreaming, I realize that it's about them. But let me make it clear - IN MY EXPERIENCE, NO DREAM IS VOID OF A MESSAGE FOR THE DREAMER. Even in dreams where I am fully aware that I've been called on or sent to work as a healer on the behalf of another, if I look at that dream long enough, I'll find a gift in it for me as well. It will tell me something I need to know.

One of the dreams I had night before last was this type. I was in a truck with a young man that I went to high school with. I had not thought of this man in any way for years. He literally had not even crossed my mind. We were discussing the funeral of one of our teachers. And making donations. This has significance as a message for me, but perhaps him as well in light of the dream. He was weeping, and I was sitting next to him, in the drivers seat though I knew it was his truck.

I knew why he was weeping. In waking life, years before, he had been responsible for his own child's death. It was an accident but how does a parent ever get over something like that? I knew he was still suffering so much. As I sat with him, he said something that very much confused me.....actually, until this moment....hum. I just got a glimpse of what he meant.

He said to me in the dream that "twin warriors went before". I just now realize that he was talking of himself somehow. Perhaps he and his child were in another life, and both died. Perhaps he meant that he also passed with his son, from grief, even though he still walked around and breathed. It could even mean that he and I were in a lifetime together, though I don't feel any energy around that idea. I'm not sure.

And I was aware in the dream of not being available to help him with something further. I was prepared to help with the release of grief and pain surrounding the actual event. In fact, this was happening as he talked. His grief was transmuting. But what he needed went even deeper than that, perhaps over other lifetimes. I lost my center at that moment, became confused, and the dream ended.

This is a new feeling for me as a healer. It wasn't that I didn't know what to do. It's hard to explain. It was as if I were unwilling to let go of .....ok, unwilling to let go of my mind. Mentally, I knew he only had one child that died. There were not two, there was one. So, staying in a mental vibration of "knowing" something, I could not then go further into what I didn't know. It was ego blockage. I know it comes out of my withdrawal from life and healing and else, after the end of my spiritual marriage. I did not realize how deeply it had hobbled me, spiritually. I have a great deal of work to do. I ask forgiveness of my high school acquaintance, and I pledge my promise that should he call on me again, I will be there fully and to the end of whatever transformation he seeks to make.

The funeral of a teacher, and donations to be made. Could be something in this man's life but it was definitely also a message for me. I do feel as if I've gone thru a death of the Spirit and am now in the process of being reborn. For the donation made on my behalf, that night, I give thanks.

Please note that even the most simple of dreams could unravel in meaning for years, literally. There are so many layers of gifts within a dream that it could drive you crazy trying to retrieve them all or wondering if you got it right. I've learned that whatever I'm able to glean from a dream, though it may be tantamount to taking a few gold coins from an entire treasure chest, is still of tremendous value and contains the energetic vibration of the entire dream. Coming back with just a few gold coins of awareness brings the entire gift of the dream into your waking world on a subconsicous level and it's other messages are revealed in time, even if you never connect those messages to the dream that brought them through to your consciousness.

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