Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Herbs in dreams, til the dreams come back....

After quite a few days of productive dreaming and dreamtime
work (can't possibly record all that here but I had a lot!)
I seem to be getting offtrack again.

For example, I had a great dream last night where I was given
the name of several herbs that seemed significant. I lost the
first two herb names but did remember the third one. It was
an odd name, something I hadn't heard before.

I repeated it to myself over and over, lying in bed so I'd remember.
But do I remember? No.

I know it started with "wild". and had two words following that.

So frustrating. And it's not the only dreamtime tidbit I've lost lately.
Not sure why I'm stalling with the work again unless it is some kind
of subconscious resistance to the type of challenging dreamtime work
I was called to when I met the man who had accidentally killed his son
in my dreams a few nights back.

Could be. I'll give that some thought. In the meantime, if I ever remember
the strange herb, I'll post it here along with whatever I can find out about it,
if anything.

Herbs are my passion so it's not unusual for them to be in my dreams.
Sometimes their medicine is symbolic and sometimes, as in the case
of the okra and beets dream a while back, literally something I need to
be taking for my health.

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