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Sharing the dream of another

Well, my own dreams continue to be mostly ego-self clean up stuff though I did get a bit of a Medicine Dream last night. I remember the roof in my new house (new to me anyway) started leaking terribly and I happened to run into the guy who sold it to the man I bought it from. I was asking him about the roof and it was obvious that he knew there was a problem. Just as I felt he was about to be honest with me about it, a woman walked up and starting talking to him about another house and then they left together.

Ouch. I so tire of dealing with this same issue over and over. Guess if I get tired enough of it, I'll do whatever work I still need to do to heal it. When my spiritual marriage of 7 years ended in 2001 (ironically, just two days after 9/11 and about as devastating on a personal level, as that was on a physical one) I did feel as if the roof was leaking. My spiritual path had become so entwined with the relationship that I almost lost my own way. No one's fault but mine. If you are walking a path and every step takes you in a direction that hinders your personal spiritual clarity, and yet you keep walking, eventually it will crumble around you. Anyway, that's my bit of a dream I can recall.

In the meantime, I got a very interesting email from a man who is having some very specific Medicine Dreams, what I might call "Knowledge Dreams" where knowledge of a spiritual nature is being transmitted in dreamtime for the purpose of sharing with others.

Here is the first part of the information Ronald received, prefaced by his email to me, explaining how we connected. I'll publish the remainder in the next few days. Blessings, Neva

Hi, I just started reading your e-book "Moon Lodge Visions" and am really enjoying it. Many things you say remind me of parts of a dream I have been having for the last month or so. I wrote down these dreams but decided not to show them to other people because they seem so far fetched. There are times when I think that maybe I just should not have eaten pizza before going to bed. (LOL) Anyway, when you mention the Good Red Road it just seems too much of a coincidence that my dreams are all about how to reach the Red Fire Path. Here is what I have written so far.




Blue Wolf


Today is February 16, 2005. For the last seven weeks I have been having dreams where I met with varous spirits who claimed to be distant relatives. I have taken it as my mission for the remainder of my life to share everything I was shown in those dreams. The spirit of "Earthmaker" gave this vision to Blue Fur, daughter of the Winnebago Chief Stinking Water in 1672. Her spirit gave the vision to the seventh child of her seventh generation, Blue Bear, son of White Cloud (also chief of the Winnebagos) in 1843. I am the seventh child of his seventh generation. In the dreams I was always referred to as Blue Wolf so that will be the name that I use in everything I write.

I never knew I had any indian ancestry. My grandfather on my father's side was from Germany and my grandmother's relatives came from England. I did locate a reference, on the internet, of one of my mother's relatives who met a Winnebago indian girl in Wisconsin, married her and farmed in Iowa for many years. I always did think that my mother's brother looked like an indian. My mother does remember being told when she was a child that there was indian blood in the family.

In my dreams, which started on New Year's Day, I mostly talked to Blue Bear, but was also visited by Earthmaker and Blue Fur. Blue Bear respectively referred to them as "Creator" and "Grandmother". I also had visions of their deaths (last walk to the mountain as they called it). Blue Fur was really old and passing out water to a group of men cutting down trees to build a fort and one of the trees fell on her. Blue Bear still looked young and in the prime of his life but I saw him lying sick on a blanket with other sick people all around him. It must have been some sort of epidemic.

All of my dreams took me to the same location. A large, blazing fire by some sort of mud structure, in a clearing surrounded by tall pine trees. I could hear the sounds of rushing water in the distance and could always smell something like flowers or perfume in the air. It was always at night and the dreams always ended as the sun was near rising above the horizon.It was curious to me that I was always within a few feet of the roaring fire but could not feel any heat at all.

One other comment, the number seven seemed really important through all the dreams. They were in the year 2005....2 + 5 = 7.The vision was given to Blue Fur in 1672....1 + 6 + 7 + 2 = 16....1 + 6 = 7.The vision was given to Blue Bear in 1843....1 + 8 + 4 + 3 = 16....1 + 6 = 7. The references go on and on. I did a little research and there are quite a few uses of the number seven in our world and history. There are seven days in a week. There are seven colors in the spectrum.There are seven energy centers in the body. There are seven deadly sins.In the bible, Joshua was told to march around the walls of Jericho seven times a day for seven days and then the walls collapsed. That is enough background! Let's get moving toward the Red Fire Path!


All of the steps correspond with an energy center in the body. This one is the top of the head and is our connection to God. Many people will say that connection to God is not the beginning of the path but the end. The truth is that no quest to reach a spiritual goal will ever be successful unless you start with the ultimate truth that there is a higher power worthy of all your trust and love! The actual trail to the Red Fire Path takes you from being controlled by your ego to being controlled by the Spirit. The ego will do anything to keep you from reaching that path because it knows that your first step onto that hallowed highway signals it's death. The ego will be whispering negative thoughts in your ear every time you take a step in God's direction.

Your first step is to act "as if". DO NOT TRY TO USE YOUR WILLPOWER.....none of our's is strong enough to withstand the commands of our egos. Every time you come to a fork in the road just pretend that your soul knows the way to go and then take just one step in that direction. That one step will give you a little momentum and get you past the point of no return. The more you act as if, the easier it becomes, and your ego gets weaker and weaker.

When you first wake up in the morning and just before you go to bed at night, gently massage the top of your head and recite the seven prayers. These are just suggestions. You can make up seven of your own.
1) Thank You for the miraculous power that flows through my body!

2) Thank You for letting me see goodness and beauty everywhere!

3) Thank You for showing me how to maintain a healthy, painfree body and live a life of total love and abundance!

4) Thank You for filling me with compassion and always making me feel completely safe!

5) Thank You for handling ALL my problems today!

6) Thank You for never leaving me alone!

7) Thank You for leading me to the Red Fire Path and the divine purpose for my life! AMEN


This step corresponds to the energy center above your nose between your eyes. Some people call this area the "third eye". This is the area that controls our vision, imagination and allows us to see the truth. The first step is to love God. The second step is to love truth. We do this by utilizing The Purple Mountain Meditation at least once every day! At least seven times a week! First do the Seven Step Tense and Relax Technique.

Gradually tense each body part to a count of seven. Hold tightly for a count of seven. Gradually relax to a count of seven. Do it in this order: 1) feet 2) legs 3) rear end 4) stomach 5) chest 6) shoulders and arms 7) neck and head For extra benefit tense up the whole body for a count of seven, hold and gradually relax.

Next, soak yourself in a warm bath or shower for about seven minutes and dry yourself off with a big fluffy towel. Give your body a good scrub with a loofah sponge or body brush. Finally, give yourself a good self massage with a quality lotion or massage oil.

Concentrate on the soles of the feet and the palms of your hands. Place a straight back chair in the center of a dark room and sit on it in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor. For best results put a pastel colored blindfold over your eyes. Let your hands hang limply, palms up on the upper part of your legs. Square your shoulders and raise your head so your eyes are a little above parallel to the floor.

Concentrate on your breathing for a moment and then imagine you are at the foot of a majestic, purple mountain with the sun reflecting off snow on the peak. The side of the mountain is divided into seven sections by big boulders with large numbers painted on them, one through seven, with seven being on the very top. Now, without any effort on your part, the chair you are sitting on starts rising in the air, very slowly like on a really old elevator. Each time you pass a numbered boulder you get more relaxed and go deeper into your center. As you stop at the top, the chair rotates until you are facing away from the mountain. There is the far off sound of thunder and you hear the word TRUTH echoing continually around you. Each time it echoes the volume lessens and you relax even more until it is like a whisper and you are safe, warm and loved in the center of your soul. If you are quiet long enough your soul will start talking to you and you will fall in love with it's message. You will not want to descend the mountain and the good news is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!!!!!


This step corresponds to the energy center on your throat. This is the area that helps us express truth and love and also enables us to effect our surroundings and other people with positive energy. That is why this step is called Blue River. You want your spiritual energy to flow forth like a mighty river to heal everyone, every thing and Mother Earth!

Put together a Red Fire Spiritual Support Network to help each other find their way to the path. Spirit Quests are so much easier and effective if you are doing it as a group. Find one, two, three, four, five or six other people who put spiritual matters as a high priority in their lives. Never have a group of more than seven people. Smaller groups are more intimate and easier to handle. Divide your network as evenly as possible between males and females. It is really important to have input from both sexes. Earthmaker, Blue Fur and Blue Bear will have more suggestions later on about putting together a Red Fire Network, possible activities, road trips, social gatherings, fund raisers, etc.

Here is a technique that you can use to affect the world in a positive way. It is called The Blue River Filter. The initial steps are the same as The Purple Mountain Meditation until you get to the part where you sit on the chair. Imagine all the energy in the universe as a huge body of water. See the water as really polluted and full of floating garbage and debris. It smells terrible and there are a lot of dead fish on the surface. There is a pipe and a spigot on one end of the water where liquid can be drawn off. Now, imagine placing your body between the water and the pipe, so the water has to go through you before it can be drawn off. See yourself as a big spiritual filter. As the water passes through your energy centers you are treating the water and removing all the negative things. See it coming out of the spigot crystal clear and healing all who drink from it. If millions of people used this technique we would see the world change overnight for the better! Use The Blue River Filter at least once every seven weeks on a day of the month that adds up to a seven (the 7th, 16th or 25th).

Note from Blue Wolf on these writings:
I will never regret my meetings by the campfire with Earthmaker, Blue Fur and Blue Bear! I am looking forward to our next meeting. The next two subjects are "Spiritual Sex Techniques" and "Laughter, The Great Spiritual Healer". Whatever they share with me I promise to pass on to you all. Earthmaker once told me that there is only one soul in the universe. I am not sure exactly what that means but I bet I will someday! Blue Bear told me that my mission is to find others who are willing to be spiritual counselors and teach them how to be a Blue Wolf Guide. If anyone wants to contact me you can send me an email: bluewolfguide at
I pray that you all feel the love of Earthmaker lighting your trail on the darkest night! I promise to contact you all soon. Blue Wolf

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