Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dreams about Celebrities, Jim Carrey in my Dream

having four dreams in the same night, dreams
about escaping, history and sexual need.

Last night was a very fruitful dreamtime. I had four dreams,
two containing coded material.

What I mean by "coded" is that knowledge in the dream
was given indirectly, by way of symbols or code. I can't
remember the codes, which always irritates me but it's
great that I'm getting back to the ability to receive them.

Just as in ceremony or visioning, Spirit will often code
material so that the essence of it will reach your consciousness
at times when the full impact of it might be too much. It is
left to unfold in your life as you can accept the new knowledge.

The fact that I had four dreams also has spiritual significance
though I can remember mostly only the second dream.

Four represents the four directions and the four elements
and is a structure for creating ceremony. In numerology,
according to Vicki Noble, author of the Motherpeace Tarot,
four represents several things including the bringing of order
with limintation. But Vicki also says four "creates a separation,
between inner and outer, a space where something special
can occur". This is the meaning of four, most times, when
it is predominent in my life or my dreams.

The first dream is a blur except for the clear awareness
on waking that a code had been given.

The second dream was simply wonderful, though it ended
with a facing of a familiar issue for me.

The third dream is gone completely at the moment but
I'm certain I had it and there was either additional coding
in that one or the fourth dream.

The fourth dream is also sketchy but I do remember
some of it.

The second dream, the only one I recall fairly well at this
point was magjcal and fun. Jim Carrey was in it. I'm a fan
of his over the top style but whenever I dream about celebrities,
I don't just consider my opinion of them as actors. I consider
what I think of them as people.

Of course, I have never met Jim Carrey. My only inside view
into his psyche is the same as yours - live interviews. I'm thinking
of the one on Oprah this year. There was a moment when Jim
got down on one knee, asking the female audience to basically
affirm him as attractive. Right after he did it, he made a statement
that really seemed off the cuff and coming from inside him. I forget
the exact words but it was something to the effect that he had
embarassed himself.

The point I'm getting to is that my gut feeling about Jim Carrey
is the same as the fellow student from my junior high school
days that I talked about in the Yellow Pants dream. Forgive
me, Jim, if you ever read this because it is projection and
opinion but my feeling is that you are sexually needy.

This ties into my other dreams and because of the way
the Jim Carrey dream ends, I think it is a continuation
of the healing around a sexual issue for me. This is
an issue I've had with male relationships all my life....

This fear that sex was the most important element of
a relationship to a man and if it was ever withheld, the
relationship would end. Of course, with that fear dynamic,
I tended to draw men who needed affirmation thru their
sexuality....vicious cycle.

OK, back to the dream. I am aware that I am in
the world of Lemony Snickets. I've not seen that movie
yet. I want to but I just didn't catch it at the movies
so now, I'll have to watch it on video.

I'm standing to the side of a very gothic looking
and large structure, a house or a castle. Everything
is in tones of vivid white, grey and black. There's a glow
in colors, which for me usually signifies a astral or strong
"other realm" involvement. I may have been projecting myself
into Jim Carrey's dreamtime or the dreamtime of the boy who
was also there, though he felt more like my male self.

The little boy was standing near me and saw me. About
that time, Jim Carrey appeared, holding to something that
could have been a kite, and flying. He was clearly elated
to be doing this. He was in full costume as his character
on Lemony Snickets.

The little boy, who I"m fairly sure was not the little boy
in the actual film from clips I've seen because this child
had a fuller face and was larger, was excited too and
started following Jim around the corner where he had
flown. As he left, he looked back at me and uttered
one word with emphasis. It was something like
"huffalump" but it wasn't that word. I remember even
in the dream thinking, that sounds like huffalump but
it isn't. I need to remember it. Alas, all I remember
is that it started with an h.

About that time, the little boys' feet lifted off the ground
about two feet and he was levitating around the corner.

I was so thrilled that all this was happening.
When I went to follow them, I was suddenly on my
stomach, sort of flowing across the ground.
It didn't hurt or feel strange, just unexpected.

My body reminded me of those cartoon characters
that hit a wall and then slide down the steps like
their bodies suddenly had no bones. It always
seemed to represent the ultimate in "letting go"
to me. Absolutely no tension in the body.

So I slid around the corner to see Jim up in
the air and coming toward me.

At this point, I came close to lucid dreaming because in
the dream, while dreaming and watching Jim come nearer,
I wondered is this real? Or a movie. Am I in a movie?

Jim had some kind of large ball, like a beachball maybe,
and he rolled it up under my chin at that very moment
and said something to me, answering my question. I
was startled and realized, yes, it is real. It is happening.

There was a phrase both Jim and the boy used, which
was something like "huffalump" but wasn't. I've heard
that term on a commercial for an animated film, Disney
I think. That wasn't what they both said to me but it
was something similar and it signified whatever magic
was allowing them to fly. I wish I could remember
the word.

So, the entire dream up to this point has been so
magical and stirring. Wonderful. But then, as
Jim floats by me, having confirmed that the dream
is real, I turn to him and tell him I love him. I say
it as a sexual invitation. And the reason I say it
is that I don't want him to leave. I don't want to lose
him or the magical experience I've been part of with

At this point in the dream, actually the last thing
I remember, Jim turns back to me and makes a
statement that I can't recall (drat) but I clearly
recall realization setting in that sexual invitation
was not necessary. I didn't have to do that to keep
him and the magic going.

This is the same issue I was dealing with when
confronted with the woman who threatened my
spiritual partnership years ago. Somehow, I still
feel that my greatest value as a woman, to a man,
is sexual. I still feel that if I don't offer myself up in
that way, even when the feeling I have is not sexual
(which it was not in the dream) the relationship will end.

The fourth and final dream seems, on the surface
to be unrelated but if I could remember the third dream,
it would probably all tie in together. This is something
I have to discipline myself to do again. To write
down at least a few words about each dream, if I wake
after them. I did wake after the third dream and the
fourth dream, but I didn't write anything down. The
pull of sleep was too strong.

In this dream, I am watching history. There is a man
who we are tracking down information on. No one knows
if he lived or died, after being attacked by Indians. He
was apparently a settler, or maybe a military man, but
it was during the days of horrible conflict between the military
and Native Americans.

I saw, as if looking down on it, a strange representation of
what had happened. I didn't see people but I saw, I guess,
the psychic residue of people. I saw them running and
then swurving into a clump of tall grass, maybe. Didn't see
grass or trees either. In fact, it looked like I was seeing it
all thru the eyes of an animal, everything looked odd but I
knew what it was.

The man had this bowl of stones, or jewels, or coded
clay tablets...the odd thing was that the bowl was totally
third dimensional and plain, and plastic. Like a margarine
bowl. They didn't have plastic butter bowls then but dreamtime
isn't about that sort of accuracy.

I saw the bowl being pushed into the opening of the grass,
or trees, or whatever it was they were going to hide away in.
I knew precisely how much time they had to hide, before
their attackers would be on them. The question was whether
or not this one man survived.

Then, the scene changed and we had moved foward many
years. We were in the same spot, except now we were
inside the space where the man and his friends had hidden
many years before.

I walked up on a site where scientists had found evidence
that the man did escape. He did live but he never left.
Apparently, he lived there in that strange grass til he died.

Oh, God. Oh Lord. Just this moment, as I'm typing this,
I know who the man imay be and what this dream may mean.
I don't want to know. It's too personal to share. Sorry.

I'll get back to you on the Jim Carrey dream later, probably,
as it unfolds for me but this one is too painful and too personal.

In the dream with Jim, elements that need further attention
include the fact that they were flying and I was sliding along
the ground, and the meaning of the beachball under the chin.

Also intriquing, in the fourth dream, the vivid butter bowl.
What was in it? Why was it so important that those contents
be saved? When something in a dream stands out in third-
dimensional clarity where nothing else does, it is always
being pointed out for a reason. I just don't know the
reason yet.

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