Monday, May 09, 2005

Teaching Your Children the Value of Dreamwork

Some time ago, I became aware that my niece was having Medicine Dreams. She would tell me her dreams and I would just be amazed at the symbology and also the extraterrestrial connections, the good versus evil lessions, etc.

As often as I can remember, I always ask her if she has had any interesting dreams lately. I don't tell her what they might mean or mention spiritual work at all. She is far too yhoung to be impressed on b my views of her dreams and she might be suggestible to believing what I tell her about the spiritual aspect of dreaming. One day, when she is older, I will talk to her that way but for now, I just ask her if she's had any interesting dreams and then ask for as much detail on the dreams as I can.

In this way, I'm training her to remember more of her dreams. Her recall is amazing already but I can tell it's getting even stronger.

I would encourage any parent to take an interest in the dreamtime of their child. Ask about their dreams, and tell them some of yours.

You will be fostering a life-long tool that they can use for clarification, healing and spiritual enhancement for the rest of their lives.

Before you make that decision though, I issue a strong warning. Unless you are willing to consider your child's dreamtime SACRED, don't get involved.

The purpose of asking about dreamtime is not be analyze your child's dreams. That's dangerous territory. You may see symbology in a dream that says your child is working through some kind of anger or issue with you, for example. If you pressure the child about that, you destroy the very Safe and Sacred Space that dreamtime is designed to provide. If it is not safe for the child to discuss the dreams, it can cause more harm than good and end up with the child shutting down their dream memories.

We are not interested in a psychological profile but in developing a SPIRITUAL gift within the child that God can then use to communicate and assist with their path for the rest of their lives.

You are there to foster more memory recall and attention to detail. Not to psycho-analyze your child.

Now, that having been said, of course if there are patterns of nightmares that have a recurring theme that would suggest psychological problems or issues then get the child to a qualified professional. Again, not your job. If it's about you or the child's homelife, the last person they want to tell is you. It arises in the dreamtime precisely because it doesn't feel safe enough to address it while awake. Respect that.

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