Saturday, May 14, 2005

Working as a Healer in Dreams

As I have mentioned before, the dreamwork I do is a little different than that of the average person because I am a spiritual healer with shamanic journeying capability. Contrary to dream interpretation guides that insist every person in a dream represents an aspect of the self, I often have dreams that are not about me at all. Nor are they dreams in a true sense, but some sort of dreamtime connection grid where healing takes place in real time, with real people.

The past few dreams I've remembered, save one, have been like that. How do I know the people do not respresent aspects of myself? There are several criteria.

In a dream where the other person in the dreamtime is an aspect of myself, I will almost always feel emotionally connected to that person, in conflict with that person or in some way personally involved with them.

Usually, those dreams will also leave me feeling emotional on waking, such as the dream about kissing Marcia Clark did. In that dream, and on waking, I felt stirred. That was the purpose of the dream, of course. To stir something to the surface so that healing could occur around some issue.

In other dreams, a certain person will be there not representing a part of myself but as a reflection of something for me, as in the dream with Jim Carrey a while back. In that dream, I did not wake feeling that Jim Carrey represented an aspect of me but that felt, instead, that he was reflecting something to me about myself and my relationships with men.

How healing dreams differ:
When I have a dream where I am being called in as a healer to work with someone, I will often find myself with the person and working as a healer without ever knowing how I got there, noticing much about the surroundings, or knowing how I leave afterwards. In other words, these dreams often begin and end with the healing work itself.

Another aspect of this type of dream is a bit harder to explain.

There is a total lack of emotional "charge" around the situation usually, though I may be aware of a sort of higher level version of compassion. For example, a few nights ago I found myself next to a young man with black hair, in a hospital room. Someone had brought me there but I never saw them. I heard them telling me about this young man, asking me to help him but the other person was never seen by me in the dream. They were behind me somewhere.

All that I could see was the young man in front of me and the part of the hospital bed about down to his mid-chest area. He had a tube in his throat and could not speak. He also had all sorts of lines and monitors all over his head. He had been in a terrible accident and I knew he was dying. He was lying almost on his stomach but still on his side, facing me.

The person who has brought me there - it was a male presence but that's all I know (probaby either a relative of this young man or one of his past life selves or one of his oversoul group) didn't want him to die.

His name was Christopher but I called him Chris. I was communicating with Chris, psychically, trying to determine if he wanted to live or go on. He spoke to me telepathically and said "I am lost". I understood that to mean not that he was saying his soul was damned but that he was too far away to come back into the body. There seemed to be some regret about that but he just couldn't do it.

From that moment forward, whoever had been standing behind me and pleading for Chris to live fell silent and then faded in presence.

At just the instant that I had that realization about his words and what Chris was communicating, Chris's body levitated upwards just high enough for my body to slide under him -- well, it was more like I floated and not consciously, it just happened. Then, Chris's body came back down, with his head resting on my chest and I understood he was going to pass. I was to comfort him. I was rocking back and forth when I became aware that this was too much movement and it was not good for him so I slowed the rock to a barely perceptible sway. In very little time, I felt Chris go.

In the dream itself, I was very aware of being there as a healer. This was not a dream about me or an aspect of me. Someone named Chris died that night and for whatever reason, I was there to be with him at the time of his crossing.

Another dream, a few days before, found me literally in the middle of a healing session. I became aware that my right hand was placed over the heart chakra of a middle-aged, larger sized woman with brown hair. After I worked with her, I also worked with another middle-aged woman that I can't visualize. That was the complete extent of the dream. No before, no after. And no feeling of emotional residue on waking, as if there were anything for me to work out. I was simply doing my job.

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