Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dreams about water; Dreams about Celebrities

I must admit that the dream I had last night has me a little baffled. It doesn't follow my usual patterns at all so I'm having a little more trouble understanding it. I do know it's my third dream about water in about a week. Definite emotional cleansing underway. At least in this dream, the water isn't flooding and I'm gently reaching it but there is still concern about health issues indicated as well.

THE DREAM: I am up high somewhere, above a lake. I am the girlfriend from "Eddie and the Cruisers". I am suspended on the foot of Patrick Swayze. I'm just hanging limp over his foot, with the arch of his foot at my stomach or abdomen and legs and arms hanging down. We are being lowered by a crane toward water. I remember thinking that the water would feel very good. It seems maybe I was a little hot and thought the water would cool me off. I was gently lowered into the water and began to swim. I saw around the entire lake. As I left the lake after circling it, swimming, I observed that my mouth was bleeding, on the left side near the corner of the lip.

Then, the scene changed and I was listening to a doctor saying that he really didn't think it was anything serious. He thought I might have just hit something while I was swimming. I told him emphatically "BUT I SWAM AROUND THE ENTIRE LAKE" as if that fact was really significant and ruled out my having hit anything in the water. I woke feeling the doctor didn't know what he was talking about and something else was at the root of the injury.

Don't have much of one yet but I do know that I asked specifically for guidance as to what I needed to do with my life, what direction I needed to go in, so I have to assume this dream is an answer. I know my choice of celebrities is significant. I have to consider how I feel about the woman who played the girlfriend in Eddie and how I feel about Patrick to begin to unravel the meaning. I'll write more as I have time to digest it.

UPDATE, September 26:
Since this dream, I've had at least two more dreams involving water. In one, I was about to be distracted from looking at a deep pool of water when my sister came by and dipped her hands in the water, flicking water outward and bringing my attention back to the pond. In another dream, I fell into a shallow area of water circled by large, rough-hewn stone and was trying to go across the area to my mom when I realized the water was getting much deeper and so I turned back to the shallow side and got out, only to fall in once more.

Both these dreams contained family members. It's becoming clear to me that the emotional clearing indicated by all these water dreams is, at least partially, to do with my family. When examining the Patrick Swayze dream, I realize it's also about my belief systems around men, relationships, and intimacy.

Now, on the dream with Patrick Swayze.....Whenever celebrities come into my dreamtime, I always ask myself what I think about the celebrities who have shown up.

My sense in the original dream was that the girlfriend from "eddie and the cruisers" represented myself. So what are my thoughts on that character (not the actress)....I felt she was a wannabe...She was hard and acted all sexy but really she just wanted to fit in. Her outfits were just a little too tight to be attractive, to me.

So, how does this apply to me? Well, in my past, I certainly used my sexuality to define myself. There was a two year period in my younger years where it was how I expressed, the only way I expressed intimacy. Then, there was a told shut down of that energy followed by years of spiritual healing and acceleration and then, my last and only deep relationship with a man.
Even in that relationship, it eventually came down to sex. And I am aware that, at the same time I knew I would never really fit with his lifestyle, I still tried to fit. Square peg in a round hole.

My thoughts on Patrick Swayze....since the outfit, age and physique of Patrick in this particular dream were straight out of "Dirty Dancing" as opposed to his later films, I address how I felt about him in that film. There are two lines I remember. The first is when he approaches Baby's father to get help for his dancing partner who is pregnant. The father assumes Patrick's character is the father of the unwed child. Rather than explain or defend, Patrick says "You would think that" and walks away. The second line I remember is probably the one everyone my age remembers....."Nobody puts Baby in a corner". What I thought of Patrick....very agressively physical in representing a dance idol. Somehow less than real because of the ribs showing on the chest and the tight stomach. In all, Dirty Dancing was oddly unsatisfying to me. He didn't really rescue Baby as much as affirm what she would eventually affirm herself, given a little time. Maybe that film poked a few holes in my ideas about a knight in shining armor.

In the dream, I am prone across Patrick's foot. We are being lowered by a crane into the water. I feel good about it at the time. Then I am disturbed that, after swimming around the entire lake, the doctor assumes there is nothing wrong with me (despite my mouth bleeding) except that I must have ran into something in the lake.

This dream could represent, in condensed form, my spiritual marriage of seven years, about which I have spoken before in other dreams. I did feel very safe and looking forward to being immersed into that relationship. And after seven years of "swimming around the lake" so to speak, I did feel as if I'd never really been heard or understood. I also ended up with serious health challenges due to the trauma and stress of that parting. The bleeding out the mouth speaks to me of a need to have my pain understood.

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