Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dreams about water

I've had at least two dreams lately about flooding waters. In general, water typically points to emotional cleansing of some kind or another. My life has been mainly focused on some health challenges, which I've written about, and on my spiritual direction. Part of dealing with both those issues is healing emotions. The dreams about water help me with that aspect and also work as a gauge of how well I'm doing.

The first dream was during my trip to Oregon so I honestly can't recall much about it now except that there was a LOT of water. In my dream last night, the same was true.

I am in a house that seems more like a boat. It has a lower level and I am on the very high upper level with a few other people I don't know. Looking out the back window of the house, I can see a flood of water rushing toward us. It goes thru and we are all sure the basement is soaked. After I get back in the upper level, I look out the window and a far more rapid flood of water is headed our way. The house rocks, as if it will come loose. I imagine it will float like a boat if it does come loose but it stays in tact. After the second flood, I go down to check the basement but it's just a little soggy on one end. There are some pictures that got wet so I hang them on a line and go back in, but I am a little concerned they will get washed away if the water comes again.

In the Feng Shui path I know about, the basement of the house represents the subconsious mind. I'm not sure what it typically means in dream interpretation but have come to accept that, for myself, it usually represents the subconsious in dreams. The fact that the water never rose to the higher second level also suggests subconscious cleansing, below the level of conscious awareness. So, that being the case, I am not certain what is emerging emotionally yet.

I can tell that I am not quite ready to let go of something because of the pictures. Pictures, to me, are frozen moments from the past. I've never cared for them. This is something my family doesn't understand. It isn't that I don't love my nieces and nephews. It's just that a picture is a moment of them that is already gone. I don't like freezing them in a moment on my wall or my refridgerator. But I do put up a's easier than trying to explain why I'd rather not do that.

So, I go down into the basement (which is above-ground in the dream but still considered to be the basement by myself and the others in the, I'm just scratching the surface of something even deeper. Hum. OK.) to see what damage has been done. The soggy front side suggests that I have allowed some cleansing to begin but the rest of the space is barely wet, despite the huge floods of water. Hanging the pictures on the clothes line says to me that I am not yet ready to let go of some of those frozen moments from my past. And the fact that I worried about the pictures getting washed away further suggests that I did as much in this dream as I was able to do and doing more would have been too stressful or would have pressed against a resistance that I'm not willing to release yet. It's a beginning.

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