Saturday, September 10, 2005


Why I've been silent.....Sorry that I haven't posted any dreams lately. I've been traveling away from home and did not have time or good internet access to post. I've had tremendous dreamtime activity but, alas, as the day wears on the dream details recede so I have to start from my most recent last night.

I want to preface this dream by saying that a dream about Satan might be totally different for each person, based on what they believe about that entity and concept. For me, Satan represents a collective mindset that is based in fear and/or all the other emotions that spring from fear.....hatred, rage, bitterness, contempt, guilt, shame, etc.

In this dream, I am attending a Satanist worship service. I am there with a man who I am helping, in a healing capacity. He is a preacher in a fundamental church and has come, despite pure terror, so that he knows what happens at such gatherings. I can tell he is terrified and I whisper to him to pray.

One of my best friends and a fellow healer sits to the other side of me and I know she has come into this particular dream to assist.

After the service is over, a young woman comes up to me in tears and starts telling me that she had been in the back, watching all the participants, looking for consciousness. In an instant, I psychically got from her a picture of who she had looked at and what she felt coming back from them. She didn't say it but I saw it in her eyes.

Then she said, with great intensity, "I knew then. You are the Magistrones."
She was referring to my friend and myself and she was acknowledging that we were there to hold a vibration of light in that ceremony.

A man comes up, from the church, at that point and begins trying to stop the woman from talking. She will not stop but keeps going on and on. Finally, the man leads her away and I realize he is concerned that her conversation might reach others. I realize then that we need to leave or we might be in physical danger.

My first question was whether or not this dream represented my own struggle between dark and light in some way. The answer was no. I then turned my attention back to the energy of the dream and the man I was helping. His beingness in the dream, and his face, were so three-dimensionally real that I came to the conclusion that this was a real service, going on somewhere on the planet last night. My friend and I were summoned to help this man face his fears around Satan.

Another clue was in the intense feeling near the end that we were in "physical" danger. That word even came into my mind in the dream itself. Not emotional, mental or spiritual danger but physical. I feel we were really there. This is not astral travel. It is bilocation. Being in two places at once.

In some way, it felt tied into New Orleans too. I know that the struggle between dark energies that want to loot, hurt, blame and fight and those who want to help, rebuild, heal and learn is strong there. I feel it in my core. The nation rises up to help but behind the need to help is also the fear. Voodoo. Santeria. Criminals. Sex Offenders.

I saw on the tv last night that there were thousands of sex offenders living in New Orleans at the time of Katrina. Those offenders, along with hundreds of thousands of people, are now homeless. Consider this want to take in someone, into your home, as a way of helping. You have small children in the home. Then, you see that thousands of people with the real potential to harm your children are among those you wish to help.....Fear can rise in this situation and stop the impulse to reach out. I know the media has a certain responsibility to alert people of this concern and also to cover the looting that is going on. It is not healthy to be in the dark about the truth of a situation. But mass consciousness has to be play an active part in how they view those media messages. We must remain in a vibration of love and out of fear or we cannot help all those who so desperately need help now in the months to come.

Medicine Dreams such as these can be very helpful at etheric levels for shifting fear to love and allowing a healing to occur around the entire issue of "putting self at risk to help another".

I ponder the meaning of the word "Magistrones". I've never heard it and don't know if it's a real word or not. I will do some research on that.

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Courtesy of Christopher Westra

What you focus on grows. This is a law of the universe. This is meant to teach us to use our focus (thought) wisely. I believe that we will have many learning experiences to come - we are just "cosmic infants" in the big picture.

One critical distinction we are meant to learn in this "reality" is between an essence (light, heat, good, abundance) and an absence (darkness, cold, bad, poverty). Essences have a positive reality and a vibrational level. Absences don't exist as "things", they are only a lack of the essence.

If you focus on an essence, it will grow. If you focus on an absence (a lack of something), that lack or absence will also grow in your life.

Desire the essence,Christopher
P.S. - Dwelling on what you don't want is a way of focusing on an absence. In my I Create Reality book, I have an entire chapter on turning "don't wants" into wants.

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