Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dreams about Hawks and Shapeshifting

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haven't posted in a while. My apologies. To be honest, the dreams I've been having have been so difficult and challenging in their messages that I wasn't sure I wanted to share them in a public way. The one I'll share today is one of those.

I am sitting on the ground, in the area between my mother's current home and the home of my brother. I am there with another relative. I am looking at a Hawk above me when suddenly, it seems to vanish. I comment on this but in looking up again once more, I realize (and I think this in the dream) that the sense it had vanished was an optical illusion. All it had really done was go tremendously higher in the sky, very quickly. I lost sight of it because it was no longer anywhere near the area where I had last seen it. I was slightly disturbed on realizing this, in the dream. I felt that perhaps I had also been wrong about things in the past, things of spiritual significance.

To me, seeing a Hawk is always spiritually significant. They are Spirit Messengers, which means just that. When they appear, and you see them, they carry a message, from Spirit, for you at that time.

Just as I was realizing this optical illusion was disturbing to me, the Hawk started flying very fast toward us. At the last moment, I realized the impossible was happening. This huge Hawk was coming straight for us. It landed directly in front of me and then fell over. It was dead. It was also stiff, which would mean it had been dead for some time but I just saw it flying.....

Within moments, I saw another Hawk which landed directly behind me and started pecking at the head and eyes of my male relative sitting there with me. I knew the second Hawk was a male, just as I knew that the dead Hawk in front of me, slightly to my left, was a female.

I woke with a simple sentence in my head: "The female is dead and the male is angry".

NOTE ON SHAPESHIFTING: It is very significant to me that both Hawks, the female and then the male, seemed to shapeshift throughout the dream, from Hawk to Owl. The Medicine of these two birds is quite different so the message became a little more complex when I realized they had both been shapeshifting throughout the dream.

Whew, this one is gonna take some study. I do realize that the male/female energies in my own life have been called into question and that I've been noticing imbalances in that area of my life.

I also recognize the significance of the location of the dream, as I'm sitting between the home of my mother and my brother. Both have had heart attacks and my mom now faces more surgery for blockages in her neck. I've written here, in this blog, about my own circulatory concerns and so, this message seems to be addressing physical dangers as well as spiritual.

Given the severity of the message, I know the dream is vitally important.
I'll be posting more within a few days time so check back.

This morning, in alpha state after awakening, I again remembered this dream and a message started to form:

"When I doubt my spiritual experiences and truth, the Divine Femine cannot function in my life and the male dominates in an unhealthy manner."

I've been going thru a restructuring of my entire belief system for the past three years. I have definitely had doubts about trusting what I know. Like the Hawk, I've wondered if maybe it was all just illusion, a trick of the mind. It was directly after having that thought in the dream, that I had been fooled by an optical illusion, that the female plummeted to my side and fell over dead. Immediately following that, the male descended, angry and looking for someone to blame. That could sum up what I've actually done in real life, quite well.

I also, simultaneously, know that this dream is yet another warning about my health. I know this because of the shapeshifting. Owl is about deception but another of it's medicines is death. Typically, the death messages of dreams involve the ego, or personality death but, in this dream. Owl points to both warnings.

When I went to my chiropractor yesterday, she said to me quite bluntly:

"Whenever I see someone as uncomfortable in their body as you are, I have to ask my self ..... am I helping you stay or helping you go?"

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