Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What is Paradise?

This is not a dream but an email received by a dear friend of mine, from a friend of hers who recently pursued a dream of moving to Hawaii. Her words are so poignant and I resonate so closely with her own experience of becoming, that I wanted to share them with you here. Thanks to Nicole, for sharing this information and Susan, of www.heartfulpresence.com for sending it on to me, so that I could share it with you here. Neva

Aloha Susan,

I have thinking about you and just wanted to send you a note. I appreciate your presence and perspective that you add to my life. It was so nice to giggle and connect with you the other day. I love you.

I have been writing a lot lately. I'd like to share alittle bit about what its like to BE here...

So here i am in maui.. i indeed made it back home.. i feel supported and in tune on a whole new level... a feeling of contentment.. wow, i dont think i ever really experienced what that is.. a sense of beingmore grounded and connected and in alignment..my heartfeels open and expanding...i feel like i can breathe easy.. i feel like my spirit is being fed...it is so lush and so comforting to be here, its also a lot of energy to align with.. im living on a freakin volcano for gosh sakes in the middle of the ocean.. its pretty funny when you think about it... its intense and amazing...I am so grateful for however long it lasts..its good to BE here.. its amazing to be alive..it isparadise for me for now.. Not that paradise is all sunsets, rainbows and dolphins all the time..and its not like im all skippyand happy all the time either..its been a lot of inner reflection and purging and allowing and trusting and knowing and being and doing,a balancing act for sure...but it is indeed allperfect.

I'm up, I'm down, and all around.. the line of sanity is fine and its all perception..its intense times and reality is crumbling.. its exciting and challenging to keep perspective, to keep a sense of humor.. to keep going on.. to relate to the world when the illusion of chaos, fear and doom seems like thats all there is...to hold the love and knowing that the illusion has to crumble before the phoenix can rise again... the knowing that we are here to shift the reality and align in spirit..that we are all truly one...to keep the embers stoked, when it feels like the fire has gone out.. when its hard to relate to anyone or anything.. but, somehow.. we know that its just getting to the good part.. hold on just a littlelonger.. there is a reason to the madness.. i still am holding on..with a half grin most of the time.. what else can i do..as the web of connectedness expands..and we awaken from the slumber and remember who we are and why we are here..ahhhhh loooo haaaa... hee heee I love you and send you lots of love and bellylaughter and joy and peace to support you in your unfolding dream...how is everything in your world by the way? love, nicole

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