Monday, July 31, 2006

Dreams about the male self; article on dream of peace

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My dreams of the past few weeks have been tumultuous and soon forgotten. Try as I might to hold on to them, they fade rapidly and I'm left with only the tiniest of remnant. Even the remnants are meaningful but not in a way that would provide much benefit to my readers here. I believe the struggle I'm having has to do with being in the middle of a very large consciousness shift in my life and that once I am a little more stable in that, I can record my dreams once more and, perhaps, from an even higher level of coherence.

One dream I do recall is what I call the fiber man. I was in water. A man was swimming toward me. He had apparently been in the water a very long time because he had fibrous hair all over his body. I found it quite repulsive. He was cheerful though and swam toward me very energetically speaking. However, he was not speaking english and I had no idea what he was saying.

My take on the dream so far: Definitely had the feel of animus, my male self attempting to communicate with me. The fact that he had "been in the water so long" is significant, since water in dreams usually signifies some type of emotional message. Being emotionally buried for so long has certainly not been good for my masculine self but I was glad to see he was still enthusiastic and cheerful. Unfortunately, I've been so disconnected from him that I now don't understand his message. It's a foreign language to me.

That's rather a vital dream, if unpleasant to see.

I also wanted to share an article with you today. It comes from Maggie and her site is listed at the end of the post. Blessings.

The Ripple Effect

These days have been difficult days with the Arab Israeli conflict still prominent as one of the major issues needing light and assistance in the world. As lightworkers we need to continue to send light, meditate and pray and hold the vision of a peaceful resolution to this conflict. We have to continue to focus surrounding the area with light so as to avoid a further escaltion of events.

It is said that we stand on the verge of the dawning of a New Age, for a New World that is waiting to be born. This may be difficult to envisage as we see what is taking place in the world right now but we have to keep our hearts open and minds clear. Perphaps this is the dark night of the soul that will push humanity to wake up and to become conscious and say no more war, its enough, we want to live in peace and create a better world for our children and further generations to live in. As thousands gather in the streets protesting against this war, a global awareness is emerging that people do want to live peacefully and it is just a handful of influential people who think otherwise for their own selfish gains.

It is the consciousness of the people that will make the difference, and that will eventually turn the tide and open people's awareness to new ways of living and being. Who we are and who we can become lies within the hands of every conscious and awakening individual.

The outer is a reflection of the inner and as each of us breaks through our own individual turmoil and conflict and moves to a higher level, so we help assist the global awakening during this transition. Remaining in sacred space not only empowers us individually, it greatly assists those around us and creates the ripple effect that is needed. See the waves of light and love spreading and spreading and reaching into every corner of the globe influencing every decision that is being taken.

May love prevail, may light prevail, may peace prevail, Maggie

The Planetary Awakening Network


Linda M. said...

Dreams helped me write my first book, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries. Preview at my blogsite.

Take Care on the Journey,

Being Now said...

Linda: Great title for a book. I could probably write one too. Oh well, maybe I am, just online instead of on paper, ha. Thanks for stopping by.