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Frog dream being updated

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I had to add this copyright notice to all my blog entries because I just found my entire dream about being a frog on two different blogs. This really offends me because it is obvious that someone noticed the page wasn't coming up in searches any more (I had removed it to edit and upload to my new site) and took it. Now, if I publish my own content, google may see it as duplicate.

I'm checking into how to report this. If the two blogs that listed my copywritten dream interpretation won't remove it, I'll have to report to whomever that would be at blogger.

Hope I don't have to take it that far. I can prove it's my dream with wayback.

The two who have taken this dream and posted it as their own content are bloggers
clippersbasket and eltonbrandlac. In posting comments asking them to remove the dream, it appears that both blogs are by the same user and what is odd is that neither blog is about dreams at all.

I am in the process of editing this dream and will post it here when finished:

Medicine Dream Diary

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Dreams about being a Frog; The Avocado Face Dream

I'm a medicine dreamer. That is to say, I work with my dreams as a source of spiritual medicine. I also work with the teachings of totem animals or power animals. For me, Frog is a signficant totem and has always been a part of my healing facilitation work with others.

If you are unfamiliar with the idea that animals can provide spiritual input, guidance and actual power for your spiritual walk, a writer named Ted Andrews has a couple of books that helped me in the beginning, to learn about animal medicine in waking life and in dreams.

Ted is the author of Animal Speak, and Animal Wise.

I use Animal Speak the most but call on the Animal Wise for any totem I can't find in Speak. These are very basic totem references and I encourage you not to just take the typical meaning but really search to see what the totem or power animal that may have appeared in your own life means to you specfically.

The Dream: This medicine dream was very brief and came after I'd had several other dreams the same night. I consider that type of ending dream to sort of be an ending to a message so if I'm going to lose any dreams, it's nice if they are before and not the last one.

Quite simply, I became aware that I was a frog. This was not a lucid dream but, in the dream itself, I realized I was a frog.

I had a growth of some kind inside my left ear. It could have been a wart.

I snipped the strange growth out of my frog ear with fingernail clippers but suddenly realized that I had cut away my ear, except for the hole that goes down into the ear. Where I had removed the ear tissue, the skin looked exactly like an avocado that had been peeled. Actually, the whole left side of my face looked like an avocado.

It wasn't just that my face looked like a peeled actually felt as if it was avocado. Hard to articulate the difference between something that looks like and something that feels like but it was a different feeling.

I became frightened that I might actually rub off my face (interesting...rewriting it here I just thought of "losing face" and wonder if I missed another message in the dream of an ego nature. I'll have to give that some thought. Guess I can thank
clippersbasket and eltonbrandlac for that.)

Actually, more interestingly is the current situation where this person has taken my dream from me and posted it as his own content. Hmmmm. Lots to think about there. Anyway, back to the dream......

I think I came close to having a lucid dream at that point since I was somehow aware of being asleep in the dream and worried about losing face. Something calmed me at that point in the dream because I realized that, even though my ear was gone and my face looked like avocado, I could still hear since the hole leading to the internal ear was still in tact.

Side note: This reminds me of a line from one of my all-time favorite comedies, "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou". You remember? They are sitting in the movie theater and Delmar whispers to Pete...."We thought you was a toad!".

My take on the dream so far:

Because of my own work with the frog totem, the first thing I notice is the fact that I am a frog in the dream. That is significant because of how often frog assists in my healing facilitation work, in areas of emotional release and cleansing.
Frog medicine helps people to let go of and express even the deepest emotional trauma and pain. Frog Medicine helped me be very effective with people who had been abused, those who were victims of incest or those who had emotional scarring from past experiences and events that disrupted their ability to enjoy life in the present.

The next significant factor in this dream is having a growth in my ear, which would impede hearing correctly and the actions I took to remove the obstacle to clear hearing.

This speaks to me (and I hear it, ha) about needing to be more aware of what I'm hearing and how it may be affecting me. Also of noticing what I don't want to hear and may be avoiding knowing.

The avocado face part of the dream reminded me of a time in my past. I now love avocados and eat them regularly. However, when I was younger it was a very different story. I had never seen or heard of an avocado til I visited my cousin over the summer. We were in a store and saw one and asked what it was. My uncle said it was an avocado and we wanted to try it. He agreed to buy it but said we'd have to eat all of it. That was a bargain that we didn't really realize would be so hard. Neither of us liked it. I thought it was horrible.

When asking what a dream is about, I always notice seemingly random memories of past events that may come up, such as this one. They are not truly random in my experience but very significant to the dream message itself.

I hated avocados, had a terrible experience with them and now love them.

I feel this is a message saying that even though I went through a trauma with my avocado face, I will end up in a better place for having done this self-surgery on my ear and removing what was impeding my ability to hear clearly.

I was losing face, yes, but also preparing for a new face, a fresh face, a stronger face.

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