Monday, June 26, 2006

Dreams about Celebrities: Dreams about John Gielgud

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I haven't been remembering my dreams a lot lately. I had a long, involved and very unpleasant dream the other night but can only remember a snippet.

Dream Snippet: I am going up some steep stairs when I hear footsteps behind me. It is John Gielgud. He is his current age and I, in the dream, seem to be younger and physically stronger than my current age. Therefore, I am very surprised to hear John gaining on me. His steps are determined and fast. In this dream, John is set on evil intent. I suddenly realize he will catch me.

After that, I only vaguely remember reaching the top of the stairs and being thrust into a very dangerous and scary situation with some hostage elements. I don't think I was the primary hostage but arriving when I did, got me involved.

My take on the snippet so far: I typically consider scary dreams or challenging dreams to be very important on a spiritual level, and always good. Always a sign that something of importance is surfacing, something important enough to effect my ego-self and generate fear.

I am grateful I was going up the stairs and not going down them. The upward motion indicates striving toward a new level of dealing with something, in my personal dream awareness, so it's a good sign that I'm moving forward with something.

Whenever I have dreams about celebrities, I ask my inner self whether they are appearing in the dream as a person or a character. Then, I look at what I think of them as people or what I feel about any character they have played that is then represented in my dream.

In this dream, John is there as a character. Basically, he is the butler from Arthur. In that film, he had little patience for the pettiness of his royal charge. He didn't cut Arthur any slack. I think his purpose in this dream is the same for me. He was behind me and determined to follow
me up those stairs and into whatever I needed to work through on the next level.

I don't remember seeing John again after reaching the top of the stairs. There was another man there, with a gun or knife, and a woman being held hostage. She was terrified.

At this point, I can't recall the other man.....not quite ready to deal with what I've found at the upper level of my consciousness but at least I made it to the top of the stairs and began to have the experience of what my subconscious wanted to show me. I take that as a positive sign.

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