Tuesday, October 03, 2006


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Get more from your dreams

The Dream: I can't recall a lot of detail but I was bookending two particular areas of my life, literally. I was placing some type of bookend at the beginning and end of these two areas.

After the bookends were in place, I was in those situation frames. It was fascinating to think about this on waking. I bookended situations, NOT time.

In the situation frames that I had created with the bookends, I recall working very hard to resolve whatever issues were in the situation for me. One involved male relationships of an intimate nature (no real surprise there) and I can't recall what the second bookends contained.

My take on the dream so far:
I feel like congratulating myself for coming up with such an ingenious idea for singling out and containing what I needed to work on. It helped the dream stay totally focused on the work and contained it so that I could see all of it at once.

Bookends contain content, that is to say they hold it in place for easy access.

If I look at each of the two situations that were bookended, I could see them as books. Books begin, have a story and then they end. They can be finished at some point.

So, all in all, I think it's a positive step my mind is making toward finishing some unfinished emotional business.

There's also a song about bookends....was it Simon and Garfunkel? Wish I could remember the line I used to hang on to from that song. I think it could provide a clue.

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Being Now said...

Update I think the part of that song I used to love said something like....

What at time it was
What a time, it was
a time of innocence
a time of confidences

Oh, how sweet to remember a time when that is what an intimate relationship with the opposite sex felt like it would be, before I ever experienced anything different.