Friday, September 15, 2006

Dreams about Celebrities: Dreams about Dr. Phil

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The Dream: I am in a room with Dr. Phil.

I'm looking at a computer screen, where I see a lot of cd's that he has created. I suddenly realize I could ask him to energize one of them for me, while I'm there with him so I ask.

I turn back to the screen and pick one with a girl on it but somehow end up with a cd with a boy on the cover. I realize that's not the one I wanted and try to choose again.

The second cd has an actress on it, about my age, and another actress who appears to be the mother of the first actress.

I choose a third time, still trying to get the girl, and end up with a boy on the cover again.

My take on the dream so far:
When I have dreams with celebrities, unless they play a character from a film or tv show they've done, I always ask myself what I think of them as people. I think Dr. Phil is sometimes confrontive, macho and controlling. I also think he is judgmental where I feel there should be neutrality at times.......

The hard part is all the Dr. Phil I see in me. That hard, rather redneck edge. And instead of getting the cd with the little girl, I kept getting a boy, the masculine.

The second cd has special significance due to an experience I had years ago and also due to the fact that I am an actress in real life.

Years ago, in a guided meditation, I saw two aspects of myself, the woman and the crone, in a very vivid way. In some way, this cd reminded me of that experience.

It also reminded me of my relationship with my own mother and of course, of my acting, so it was loaded.

What I liked was that both the first woman and her "mother" were actors. I remember hearing something Bill Harris said on the Centerpointe tapes, which I use. It had to do with remembering that our experience on this earth was not who we truly are but just one role we are playing.

Bill compared it to acting on a stage. He said (and I'm paraphrasing) if a person on stage was playing Hamlet and thought it was real, it would be a horrible experience. The actor knows it's just a play and so he has a great time even though it's intense and emotions are real.

I think the second cd was reminding me that myself and my mother had agreement to be together here, to play out certain experiences, but that believing I was responsible for her life would be like the actor forgetting he was in a play. And believing that whatever happens here is some kind of tragedy, is like forgetting that our souls are eternal and this life is just a blip on the radar of our path.

Choosing Dr. Phil to "energize" my cd meant that I'm out of balance with the masculine. Either I don't have enough or I have too much. I think, looking at my own Dr. Phil tendencies of controlling, judgment and agression of expression, it may be the latter.

In any case, the dream points to balancing my male and female aspects and also, remembering the big picture of this existence more than the little picture in front of me.

Note: This dream is in stark contrast to one I had earlier, where I had a loving intimate male relationship but it may be pointing to the same issue.


Wild Mother Lightning said...

Thanks for reminding me that life is just a stage, with its entances and exits. With that in mind i'm going to write a new script and start auditions for some new actors because my lifes become one long drama and i was really looking for a litle more romantic comedy!

Being Now said...

What a great name! Wild Mother Lightning. Not sure of the origin for you but it brings back some experiences I've had with the Thunder Beings over the years. Good Medicine but usually, well, wild!

My life was one long drama too but it's only now, at the croning age, that I'm seeing a little of that romantic lightness. I have tried, my whole life, to fall in love with me. I think now, I am able. Love begins at home.

Wild Mother Lightning said...

I'm glad you're finally finding happiness and falling in love again. I had a period in my life where I knew true self-love and it was amazing. I felt connected to everything and existed in a state of love with everything I touched. That all went kinda wrong with my last relationship but i'm out now and I know i'll heal.
I'd love to hear more about the Thunder beings- perhaps you could do a post on it- Please?

Being Now said...

Well....not sure about posting those here. I'll think about it.

It's just that writing about the two experiences I remember most would mean writing a book, kinda...

Hard to explain in a few sentences.

Let's just say that, one time, I had a raging confrontation with a woman who felt my work was wrong. This happened when she appeared in a storm.

Second time, I was having a tremendous physical challenge caused by an external piece of machinery and the Thunder Beings knocked it out.....

I know, not enough info.

Anyway, I enjoyed exploring your blog and it looks like we have more than a little in common.

I lost myself because of a relationship too and it's taken me years to get back on my feet, emotionally as well as spiritually. I know how you feel but we will make it.


Being Now said...

oh, and i forgot about the third time.....i saw the sun dancing, like a strobe light, while the thunder beings danced around the Sundance Arbor. I thought I was having a stroke.

Wild Mother Lightning said...

Thanks for sharing what you have. I must admit i'm eager to hear more...when were you thinking of starting that book...tee he...

I'm glad you liked my blog, its not quite as open and informative as i'd like yet but its a bit like me...a work in progress.

The time i became truely at one and was opened to Spirit was pretty horendous, I ended up having a fit, convulsions all sorts. I have to say it was worth it though. Its not an easy path we walk but great to find some fellow travellers!!!


Being Now said...

oh, forgot to mention dizziness, nausea, hypersensitivity to light, noise and odors....

Wild Mother Lightning said...

I haven't been lucky enough to find much in the way of teachers. I did a years training a couple of years ago now but mostly i've had to wander blindly.
I did recently receive an offer to apply for a traditional apprenticeship but the energy between us just hasn't felt quite right. I'm not ruling it out yet but i'm seriously unsure, which suggests it may not be a good move- admittedly though that may just be because he challenges me.

Would love a copy of the book but don't seem to be able to access the details you provided.

My emails on my site if you would prefer to chat that way?

Don't suppose you've heard of anyone suffering extreme but localised skin reactions as a result of Spiritual awakenings?

Wild Mother Lightning said...

Just read the dream you posted about your ex's face- coincidently my last rlationship also lastest 7yrs. When i met my new partner (the one i'm moaning about now) i immediately developed a severe facial rash- he can't come anywhere need me. Despite this the relationship lasted 3.5yrs and produced a child.
The weird thing is whenever i pull a card on this, i ALWAYS get the lovers- confusing or what?

Being Now said...

Mother: Accidentally deleted an earlier comment and can't figure out how to insert it in the proper place. I did not send the correct url so I'll just email you. Here's the comment, which should be after yours on the physical reactions to spiritual energies....

Oh yes, been there too. Shakes, convulsions, freezing cold, hot as fire, unable to breathe, unable to stop breathing fast. The physical body has it's challenges with accelerated energies.

I think that's one of the wonderful benefits of having an experienced Shaman or Medicine Worker to work with. Over time, you learn to balance the energies.

I don't know that I'll ever write another book, but I do have one that I wrote, starting back around 1996, if you want it.

Being Now said...

Ok, now, on your other two posts, about teachers, pulling the lover's card and facial rash....

I have seen every possible reaction you can think of, when third-dimensional form meets an accelerated bandwidth of energy.

Depending on where a person has stored resistance, congestion, cellular memories of an unresolved nature, etc., the body can erupt anywhere, and in just about any fashion, when spiritual acceleration is experienced.

The third dimensional body is incredibly well-suited for the storage of cellular information. The good news is that, along with all that other stuff we struggle with, there is cellular memory of being so much more conscious of our divinity. That gets awakened too but it may take time for us to see it.

The best teachers I've had were not sent to me as teachers. They usually rubbed me the wrong way, challenged me severely, and ended up making me stronger. I'd suspect your last relationship to be one of those.

There is something intrinsically non-productive about the thinking about teacher / student and healer / healee relationship to begin with and it's easy for someone in the teacher or healer role to forget that they are always being taught and receiving healing from others as well. Perhaps this teacher doesn't see your gifts to them, and that may be why the relationship seems not the best for you. Just a guess.

I'm not surprised that you draw the lover's card. Any of the major arcana in the tarot have two very intense sides. You've experienced both of them with this person.

I'll go to your site and grab your email but this seemed quicker this morning, since I'm going out of town and wanted to respond.

Being Now said...

ps. that was an interesting typo you made....

"he can't come anywhere need me"

Wild Mother Lightning said...

Thanks for responding in so much depth- you've given me lots of food for thought. I meditated on the lovers today, did some research and came to similar conclusions about the flip side of the coin.

Part of that feels like a test of faith.

When i'm connected Spirit, i allow myself to be guided by the omens; Spirit knows my purpose and what i'm here to learn. It's hard to do that if you're Partner doesn't feel the same-doesn't believe that guidance is there for us.

The typo raises lots of questions - something to ponder and see how it settles.

Thanks for everything

Being Now said...

Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin.

Wild Mother Lightning said...

Ok now you've stumped me lol - Mitakuye Oyasin??

Being Now said...

Oh goodie, someone who hasn't heard it....!

Mitakuye Oyasin is a prayer I learned from the Lakota relatives with whom I've been in ceremony.

It means "All my relations" or We are all related.

It is a prayer that encompasses not only every living being but Mother Earth herself and all the plants, animals and other living creatures on her.

I was raised Christian and still feel a lot of energy behind a simple, heartfelt Amen and I feel that same kind of universal surrender to Spirit and outreach to all, in the prayer Mitakuye Oyasin.

Wild Mother Lightning said...

I can relate to a lot of the Christian beliefs and most of my earliest Spiritual experiances were also Christian, until we moved out to the farm - then nature took over my teaching.

I respect a true connection to Spirit wherever it is found, I'm just not big on sheep.

Wild Mother Lightning said...

If you have a copy of the prayer, i'd love to hear it?

Being Now said...

That actually is the complete prayer....

Mitakuye Oyasin

Short, simple, extremely focused way of praying for the highest good of all.