Thursday, August 17, 2006

What a lovely dream

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Learn from your dreams

The Dream Snippet: I'm in a balanced, healthy very lovely relationship with a man.

I can't remember anything specific, like his face, name, etc. Nothing stands out about him but what felt so good was the balance that I felt in the relationship. It's not something I've yet ever manifested in a real relationship.

My Take on the dream so far:

Well, I'm sure all kinds of freudian interpretations might apply but, to me, the sense I got on waking was just that something had shifted for me after the dream where my old mate comes up and says he loves me, something positive.

I honestly have no desire to be in a relationship but the dream seemed to say that something in that arena was healing, to even have a dream where it was so lovely and balanced and where there seemed to be no other message. In other words, I looked for hot spots in the dream that made me uncomfortable, or places where colors or other aspects were too vivid. Those are usually signs that a message is veiled in that part of the dream. There weren't any stand out phrases, parts of the dream, colors, things, etc. The whole dream was pleasant and the main aspect that I woke with was a feeling of balance regarding male/female dynamics.

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