Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dreams about Snakes; Dreams about Fears

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The Dream: I'm in water, like a stream or creek, and I see two rattlesnakes under the bank. Next, I see a man in the water and I warn him that there are rattlesnakes in the water. He seems very surprised and says he hasn't seen a single one. I tell him they are near the bank.

At just that moment, a snake appears in the water and starts coming aggressively toward me. I scramble to the bank just as the snake strikes but then realize that the snake is not giving up, but trying to strike again. I wake.

My take on the dream so far: Part of my own dreamtime technique involves awareness of current struggles and challenges, and current focus. A lot of the time, just reflecting on what I'm working with spiritually helps determine the meaning of the dream. The same dream, at a different time, might have a different meaning but seen through the lens of current experience, this one is clearly about manifesting what I fear.

Lately, I've been working with my consciousness to shift belief systems around fear and manifestation. I've seen in my own life that, even if i don't actually manifest what I fear, the fear of manifesting it robs me of joy in the present moment. Dwelling on what I fear has never proven to be particularly progressive, in other words.

Thoughts are magnetic energy. There's a movie around right now called "The Secret" that talks about this but it isn't a new idea. Thoughts create our reality. So, if we are thinking of what we fear all the time, and thought is magnetic, guess what we draw? Yeah, rattlesnakes under the bank.

Snakes have always been about huge, transmutational change in my life so the fact that my fear presented itself in the dream as a snake indicates that I am truly shifting this in a big way. That felt good. Also good that the snake was in water. Water almost always, in my dream landscape, represents emotions. The dream would have had a different meaning for me if the water had been swirling, dirty or, in some other way, unusual. Here, it was perfectly calm water. The emotions were calm in the wake of fear, the snake. Also, the male self being calm and presenting
the other perspective....a snake-free reality, was a wonderful message of integration.


bronzmash said...

Thanx.. this did help me a little.

I dreamt of a few snakes, and a white Cobra coiled in the middle of'em all. I remember petting the hood of the Cobra, which is sort of ironic, because biologically speaking, the Cobras unfurl their hoods only when they're agressive.
Aaanywhichway, my dream wasn't a nightmare, far from it, i woke up happy..!

I guess i needn't worry about it so much, but then, i'm the curious sorts..

Thanx again.

Being Now said...

If you've read the starting page I suggest on my way of interpreting dreams, you will have noticed that I place a lot of emphasis on how I feel in a dream and how I feel immediately on waking, before my mind interferes.

You didn't ask for feedback but I will just say that feeling happy after petting a white cobra in aggressive mode would signal some pretty powerful work on male/female balance.

The color white is significant as is the stance of the cobra when you decided to pet it and the fact that you petted it rather than any of the other snakes around.

Cool dream.