Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spiritual Consciousness Shift

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A Consciousness Shift
I have recently achieved a consciousness shift that I've been working toward my whole life. I'm certain this shift will affect the way I post dreams in the future because my dreamtime work has to change as well.

I have been in the spiritual awakening process on a conscious level since about 1991. One of the teachings I have heard over and over, and read over and over, is that we have a Higher Self that remembers more of who we are on a spiritual level and we have a lower self, which is more ego-based and involved in the smaller version of who we are.

This ego-based lower self wants what it wants when it wants it. The higher self realizes that forging ahead to make something happen before the universe is aligned with it can create delay, more struggle, and a diversion from our true path.

Does this all sound familiar?

If you've been on the spiritual path very long, I'm sure it does.I've had a huge shift around that but I'm not yet able to fully articulate it. However, what I see happening with my dreams is that there are more brief and to the point. You will see what I mean when I post the next few dreams.

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