Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dreams about Family Members in Pain

Note: I'm not saying who the relatives are in this dream because it deals with personal information about their lives and they might one day read it.

Two relatives of mine are playing a game. I'm told at the beginning of the dream, by a voice behind and above me, that this is a game.

The two relatives have agreed to cut off both their feet at the ankles if they lose this game and apparently, they both lost.

I see them with their feet cut off. It is truly horrible. (I have written elsewhere in my blog that it is my experience that bloody, violent, or otherwise unforgettable dreams are often the most signicant and that they don't necessarily point to mental imbalance, unsupressed anger, or any of the other psychological labels sometimes put on them. If that type of dream is all a person has, then yes, I'd look into it, but the degree of struggle around an issue often demands very powerful imagery to underscore the signficance of the dream).

One of the relatives is calmly walking around on these newly bandaged stubs and I'm following her, just literally at the point of pulling my own hair out, I'm so disturbed. I'm begging her to sit down. I tell her she is hurting herself. She just continues and takes clothes out of the dryer, saying "It doesn't feel that way.". She cannot feel the pain.

What is significant is that this relative is in a house she no longer lives in. I remember that time in her life. It was probably the most miserable she's ever been because she was in a marriage that wasn't working. She has struggles with self-esteem and sesrious money problems.

I stayed with her and her family for a time and remember the pain I felt there, years later.

The important thing for me was the way the dream started, with the voice informing me that what I was about to see was a game. And the answer from my relative when I tried to stop her from hurting herself, that it didn't feel that way to her, was also significant.

In my spiritual awareness, every one of us makes the highest choice we can, given where we are at any moment in time. I am also acutely aware that this is a human experience but that we are so much more than our human experience. And even our most painful human experience will seem like a game to us, looked at from higher levels.

This dream also taught me that what I want for others is my own creation. They each must have the freedom to live their life exactly as they wish to live it, even when that looks painfully wrong to me.

For whatever reason her soul may have had, this relative who was folding the laundry chose to sort of "hobble" herself in a relationship for a number of years. As a result, she now tells me that she is stronger, and knows what love really should be like.

Could it have been easier for her? Well, could it have been easier for you? For me? Looking back on my own life, I certainly see times where no one could have stopped me from making a decision that caused me a lot of pain. But I also see what I learned from it.

The other relative who was there, also hobbled by the game, was actually there as a spiritual being. I know this relative well. She is still a child in earth years, but an amazing little medicine worker on other levels.

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