Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dreams about Family Members

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I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog that, due to my decades of work as a spiritual healing facilitator, I often work with people in my dreams. Contrary to those who teach that every person in a dream represents part of you, I absolutely know that there are times when the persons in my dreams represent themselves.

In this dream, the relatives who showed up were showing me my greatest fear for them and showing me that I had a choice about that fear.

I have just been told that my brother and mother have died. Just as I am beginning to go into hysterical grief, I hear my brother's voice. He is talking to someone outside the room I am in.
I go out and see he and my mother conversing. I wonder how this is possible and I say to my mother "I don't want to let you go."

She turns to me and says bluntly "Well, then, don't."

She seems a little impatient with the whole conversation, as if I should know the answer.

I have been strongly considering traveling for a while, which would mean leaving my mom. She has had a couple of heart attacks over the past few years and my fear is that I'll leave and she will die. I think she and my brother both appeared in this dream to remind me that we live on.

The other side of that is my choice. If I stay, to be sure I'm here if anything happens, that is my choice. I can not let go by not leaving. Or I can let go, whether I leave or not, and realize that the end of life here is the beginning of life somewhere else.

People we love will tend to show up in the way that we need them to show up. That gets created by the balance of love and fear. The more fear, the more they will need to show up in ways that support the fear. I think Mom is tired of me holding her energetically in that sick place. I need to start remembering who she really is, a divine being of God having the perfect physical experience her soul needs.

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