Friday, April 13, 2007

The Power of Three

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The Power of Three:

I have had big, big changes since the last time I posted here. I've been traveling for about a month and have not had access to a computer to post dreams but I sure have been having some!

For example, I had three dreams in about a week with the same car was being stolen.

There are so many things this could mean but before I even looked at that, I acknowledge the power of three.

There is something about that, metaphysically speaking. 3 is a triangulation of something important, and a sign that something significant is being worked out, at least in my life. Three dreams, or a dream of three parts, quite often represents a beginning, middle and end of some process for me.

However, I did not journal these three dreams so I can't share that with you here but I can point out the obvious.....I had just sold my house, packed a lot of what I wanted to keep into my car, and become a gypsy of sorts.

Obviously, dreaming that my car was stolen was quite a literal fear of losing what I had chosen to keep. Also, the whole process of becoming consciously homeless....quite frightening for me on a lot of levels.

I haven't had that type of dream again, after the three dreams in quick succession (sp?) so I assume I've worked through whatever I was dealing with at the time.

My dreams lately have become more of the nature I used to have, in that I am often working with friends in a healing capacity or being worked with in a Medicine Way. Although I know all dreams are valuable, I must say I prefer these!

Anyway, not sure how much internet access I'll have over the coming months but will post as often as I can

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