Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dreams about Vampires

Dreams about evil vampires / dreams involving celebrities / Doctor Bailey on Gray's Anatomy in dreams

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The Dream: I remember very little.

I remember standing at a doorway, listening to a conversation between two people who worked at the same place I worked. I suddenly realize that they are evil vampires, and I do mean EVIL.

They are hissing and saying something about "a despicable person".

I decide I can't work in such an environment and tell the woman I work for, who reminded me of Doctor Bailey on Grey's Anatomy.

My take on the dream so far: I very rarely take sleep aids, and even more rarely take prescription sleep aids but it so happens I did take one that night. How much did that impact my dreamtime? Not sure.

I can see these two vampires as aspects of myself but, in my current situation and all that I'm dealing with in my life so far, I can't see what part of me they are representing.......

I do know I feel drained a lot and am aware that it is my own reaction to family situations that causes it. I feel responsible for things I should not feel responsible for.

I feel this is definitely some sort of shadow self dream but am not sure what the message is for me. I did not get the sense, as I do sometimes and sometimes it is valid, that others were in my dreamtime representing themselves as energy vampires. I think both aspects were me and I really think it represents how I drain myself with all my concerns about family obligations, etc.

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