Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dreams about acting; dreams about janitors

The Dream: I was talking with a janitor in an elevator. He said he was in a play and that the director was wanting him to nail the character, get the part right and then play it that way. The janitor said he didn't want to do that; that he was purposely playing the character entirely different every night and wanted to do it that way.

My take on the dream so far:

I really understood a lot of what this dream was saying to me, almost immediately.  The elevator was going up, not down, which is significant to my state of mind when I went to bed.  I was actively reaching outward to my soul group for information on my life path and asking for clarity.

A janitor takes care of other people's messes, basically, so the fact that it was a janitor who was telling me this was also significant.  I have felt, for quite some time, that my work as a spiritual healing facilitator was shifting and wanting to be more about allowing space for others to clean up their own lives rather than facilitating energy for them to do so.

And finally, I'm an actor so the reference to playing the part entirely different with each performance was not lost on me as a metaphysical reference to life.

Will be thinking on these things in days to come, for sure.

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