Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Funky, Funny Dream Let Go

Continuing the release of what I thought I wanted

Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I have this knack ... I can walk into a thrift store or yard sale with thousands of items and zero in on the one thing of value.  This knack has led to a tendency to collect collectibles.  I sell them online and had always dreamed of doing the biggest yardsale in the world.

I'm speaking of the Highway 127 yardsale that spans 5 states and 675 miles

This year, I did it.  And, like most dreams, it did not live up to the hype!

Three days of pricing, sorting and hauling stuff in followed by another three days of sitting in the hot, hot sun, selling things for far less than they were worth and still hauling back far more than I wanted to mess with at the end.

 So, what have I was just another confirmation that doing and things are not what are important now, if they ever were important.  Letting another little funky dream go and that feels kinda sad in a way and also very freeing.

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