Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cali Sleeping

Aware Sleep of the Cat

Copyright, Neva J Howell

I'm watching Cali sleep.
She is asleep though her eyes are slightly open.

She is aware although she is asleep, a trick that. 
I envy that state.

Cali, can you teach me to sleep awake, to rest aware?

Her cat body utterly relaxed, one leg hanging off the side, pink nose moist, awake and asleep simultaneously, calling one or the other state forward moment to moment. 

Amazing Animal Teaching if I could but grasp the vibration of it, or allow the vibration to flood into those areas where I think in terms of either/or ... asleep or awake, aware or unconscious.  The waking sleep or sleeping wakefulness miracle unfolds.

Animal Speak

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