Friday, November 05, 2010

Realization about Acting

Will I continue acting now?

I had an interesting shift around one of my lifelong passions, which is acting.  I've been a natural actor and ham since a very early age.  While teaching acting classes, I discovered that part of what drew me to acting was that it allowed me to safely be someone else, live in a different world without repercussion in this one, explore different realities.

That still feels good to me, to think of playing with reality in that way.  However, when I decided not to audition for a good role recently, I had a shift about the whole industry and the energy around it.  We are basically telling stories.  Judging from what is out there, we are mainly telling stories about hard times, challenges, abuse, violence, fearful situations and dangerous times.  Somehow, when I looked at this role (it was for a movie about child abuse and I know a little something about that incest and abuse) I suddenly saw that doing it would be perpetuating a story I no longer believe in perpetuating.

So, then the question is, how do we shift the patterns of abuse on the planet if nobody calls attention to them thru their story?  I don't know.  Yet, I'm feeling there is a way.  I'm feeling there is a way that is calling to me, to shift myself away from the stories of my past and into a moment of NOW that embodies the healed perspective without the story.

I'm noticing this shift around story in other areas of my life as well, and blogged about that this morning:  Who am I without my stories?

Living the Liberated Life and Dealing With the Pain Body


MoonAngel said...

Hey Neva, it's Lynn - your post prompted me to dig out this old poem that I had written about child abuse - not sure why I need to share it today - but there you go... I just do and don't question the why these days:

Forever Silent

Forever silent,
to cry no more
never again to suffer
the blame he bestowed

Eternal beauty,
long golden curls,
eyes blue as midnight -
asleep for all time

Harsh words always
spoken, won't be
heard any more -
merciful angels have
carried her home

What grows inside a person
that allows them to abuse
such a precious child?

Stop the abuse.
Lynn West

This poem is dedicated to those who have suffered child abuse. Our awareness of child abuse must take forefront as we spread the word and stop the abuse.

stephen said...

Your asking very good questions! The real reason for acting and story telling is Communion. Pain which is not shared and experienced is transferred and perpetuated. Artists are alchemists. Through the direct experience of communion they raise up the vibrations of violence and pain and reach for transcendence-Taking with them the people whom are open to the experience of their art. Stay vigilant to intelligent, relevant and heart centered work.Keep acting, Directing, Talking story.
You are needed!

Being Now said...

Stephen: Thanks so much for taking time to share your perspective. Honestly, I shared it for a long time. It was one of the reasons I longed to do dramatic roles, to shine light into the dark pain and trauma.

What I see on the screen is more likely to be perpetuating the nightmare than shining transformative light into it.

I realize this is changing, due to spiritual cinema. That's great and yet, in the times we live in now (well, the times I live in anyway) we are learning to transmute without having to relive the stories. That's the kind of acting work I want to do now and I'm feeling the way to do that is coming into being.

Others may continue for a time with the sharing of pain and the communion you speak of. It is all good to me and each is where they need to be in the journey.