Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Clarity of speech a challenge

I recently posted on a forum and some of my words were quoted back to me, in quotes, with negative response.  I could see where there may have been a question about meaning.  One word can mean a lot of different things, seen thru different lenses of perception.

However, what caused the leap from a question about meaning into a negative statement about what they thought I meant?  Feels like a step was missed.  I see this happening a lot on the internet.

It's so fast paced that it's easy just to lump in the question with our own answer and thus skip the part where we leave space for the other to clarify, if desired.

I've done it too.  I have sent an email before I really said what would have been kindest, most useful and most appropriate to say in the communications with another.  I've also been on the receiving end of such knee-jerk reaction emails.

I suppose it happens when communications happen face to face too but I don't see it happening as much as online.  Lately, I've been holding initial emails and checking them again a bit later, to see if I am being kind, useful, truthful and appropriate in my response.

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