Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living Choicelessly

What does life look like without choices?

I suppose the exploration into choiceless living may have started way back when, back when I first read about the potential of a life without story or carlos castenadas books on the space between things.

I'm not sure how the path meandered ... just that it has brought me here.

Here, to this moment where I am typing this -- appears to be a choice.  Yes.  Still is a choice ... spurred by thinking google may index my other blog if I also post a reference to it here on this one.  Conscious, logical choice.  If I'm correct in my exploration toward living choicelessly though, this logical approach to getting something I want is not the best or most spiritually aligned way to create the desired result -- that desired link between google and my own content online.

It may work, because it's obeying well-established 3-d laws that a lot of people have supported for a long time.  Yes, it may work ... and ... I AM aware that it is work.  It is not the cosmic play vibration I'm wanting to create from in my life.

I AM observing myself still going thru levels of choice in my life that I AM aware are not stemming from that place beyond logical or analytical choice.

I'm at an empass of worlds; a crossroads of reality.

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