Saturday, October 11, 2014

Human Design Generator

Human Design Generator

What if you got to be 58 years old
and then someone told you that you had a design...

That you came in with a design... a way to optimally move through your world.

And what if you realized that, all your life, you've worked against the design that this Human Design information says you were born to live?

That's where I am.

I've been a "doer" all my life, and under the assumption that I had to make things happen.

In this "human design" structure, a Generator waits.

Before I found this information, I NEVER WAITED.

It's been one of the most challenging paradigm-busting awarenesses I've ever experienced.

It feels like truth to my core. And yet, it's so challenging for me.

Never heard of Human Design?  Well, if you don't mind your world being turned upside down, you can learn a bit about it here and if you're really brave, get your free Human Design chart

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A Generator Waits...

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