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Blue Wolf Dreamtime Message Continued

Here's the second half of a previous installment from Blue Wolf, a man who receives spiritual information in dreamtime and wishes to share it with the world at this important time in the earth project. Please note that the latter part of this prophecy addresses sexual energy from a spiritual perspective.


This step corresponds to the area on your chest over your heart. This is the area that helps us find our purpose in life and enables us to perform that purpose with love.A life is a wonderful adventure full of joy and contentment when you know, for sure, you are doing exactly what you were intended to do. When you are doing all the suggestions in The Seven Steps and the energy is pulsating through your energy centers YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE IS!!!!! Make a list of all the things you think you might enjoy doing with your life. Take them one at a time and imagine yourself doing that activity.Concentrate on the ones that you feel your heart jumping with delight.

Seven questions to ask yourself:

1) Does what I am doing express love in a profound way?
2) Do I think about this activity all the time?
3) Am I proud of myself for doing this?
4) If I only had one week to live would I want to spend that time doing this?
5) Would I still do this if nobody else knew about it?
6) Would I still do this if there was no pay or remuneration involved?
7) Is this something I would like for my son or daughter to do?

One more point....it is possible for your purpose in life to change. One purpose may lead to another one or even more than one. Just remember to always be looking for direction from inside!


This area corresponds with the energy center located just under the bony area below the heart. It is also called the solar plexus. It controls self esteem or loving yourself. If you really love yourself you will take proper care of your body.

Here is a list of seven things to avoid completely or at least cut back on:
1) Red Meat
2) Dairy Products
3) Sugar
4) Salt
5) White Flour
6) Caffeine
7) Alcohol

Start a regular exercise program. Do some sort of physical activity every day.

Do The Yellow Sun Energizer whenever you feel a little down or in the need of a quick burst of energy. Imagine yourself standing on a cloud with your arms extended upward towards the warmth of the sun. Feel the sunlight warming the palms of your hands until they almost seem to start burning. Now sit crosslegged on the floor wearing only your underwear. Start with the top of your head and tap gingerly with your fingertips. Work slowly around your scalp, down your face, back of the neck, throat, shoulders, arms, hands and then the chest down to your heart. Then start at your feet and work up to your heart. When you are done you should tingle all over and feel like you could whip a canoe full of Apaches! Say an affirmation like "I am quite loveable and liked by everyone I meet!!" Look in the mirror and say how much you love yourself.


This step corresponds to the energy center located two inches below the navel. This is where we get the power to have loving relationships with other people. When this energy center is working correctly it enables us to find our true soulmates, the one that will help us reach new spiritual heights.

Step #6 and step #7 are just as important as step #1 in allowing us to reach the true path. What you are really looking for is someone of the opposite sex who loves you enough to go all the way, with you, on The Red Fire Path.

We are going to discuss two of the most spiritually powerful actions in the universe. In this step we are going to look at The Jericho Massage and in step #7 we will go over how to do a 61 Day Vision Quest. The Jericho Massage is named after a great battle in the bible. Joshua and the Hebrews, on the way to the promised land, were blocked by a walled fortress named Jericho. God told Joshua to march around the walls, with his men, blowing horns, seven times a day for seven days. At the conclusion of the seventh go around on the seventh day, the thick walls collapsed in a heap and the city was easily taken. The significance of this is that when you have given someone a Jericho Massage for the seventh time, all of the obstacles that hinder them from reaching the Red Fire Path will fall down just like those walls.

The Jericho Massage is an excellent aid in finding your soulmate. When you give or receive a Jericho Massage from your soulmate your energy centers will light up like summer lightning flashing in the night sky.

The first step is to pick a place to give the massage. A quiet room in your house away from the television, radio and telephone is fine. Do not pick an area that is part of a frequently used traffic pattern. For example, do not choose a room that people have to walk through to get to the bathroom. Once the massage starts you do not want any disruptions for two or three hours.

Once you have decided on the location, you should perform a little ceremony consecrating the room as a holy, spiritual place. Strike a singing bowl, tap on a drum or just clap your hands together, and then say something like, "I thank You, Earthmaker, for filling this room with your power and positive energy. I pray that everyone who enters this room be blessed and brought closer to You". AMEN. Repeat this ceremony six more times in different parts of the room.

Next, you need to decide what type of surface you are going to massage your partner on. A massage table is perfect because you can adjust the heighth to the most comfortable position for you. Two to three hours is a long time to spend bending over or kneeling. If that doesn't bother you, then you can use several blankets or quilts and lay them flat on the floor or place them on top of an inflatable air mattress. Also have a selection of pillows to help elevate parts of the body if necessary and also some sheets to cover the parts of your partner's body that you are not working on, to keep them warm. Do not use a bed for a surface because you must use an area dedicated to Jericho Massage and not used for other purposes. Also, place some soothing pictures in the room. I like woodland scenes with a creek or lake. Ocean pictures with a sailboat are also good. It also helps to have a radio or CD player in the room to play some mellow music during the massage. I prefer new age type music or sounds of nature like waterfalls, rain or whale sounds. I also have a small lamp in the room with a dim red bulb that spiritually energizes the atmosphere.

You must use some sort of oil to lubricate the skin so you won't harm the epidermis when rubbing a little briskly. You can use pure vegetable oil or a good quality lotion. I make my own blend. Just make enough for one massage treatment. Home made oil doesn't lubricate as well if kept overnight. Here is my mixture:
1) 1/2 cup pure sweet almond oil
2) 7 drops eucalyptus oil
3) 7 drops lavender oil
4) 7 drops peppermint oil
5) 7 drops rosemary oil
6) 7 drops chamomile oil
7) 7 drops rose oil

Note from Blogmaster: For excellent oils and base oils, visit Mountain Rose

If your partner's skin is really dry add seven drops of avocado oil. OK, let's look at what actually happens in a Jericho Massage.

First off, a really important warning: No sexual activities for seven hours before, during and seven hours after the massage!! This technique can have unbelievably positive results for both you and your partner. If the no sex rule is ignored then really negative things can occur. If you are thinking of using this technique as a form of foreplay...THINK AGAIN! If you are considering becoming a Blue Wolf Guide because you've got it pictured as some sort of sexual fantasy...DON'T DO IT! It is up to the person being massaged as to how they want to be covered and clothed. The more skin exposed, the more effective the massage, but if they feel more comfortable completely dressed from head to toe then it is your job to work with that and do the best job you can do. They may decide to wear underwear, a swimsuit or be completely nude. It doesn't matter! Just remember that if you are a male massaging a female you cannot touch her breasts or the vaginal area! If you are a female massaging a male you cannot touch his groin area!

Before the massage, have your partner enter the chosen room and do the Seven Step Tense and Relax Technique described in step #2.

Have them do seven minutes of another form of exercise. My personal choice is the Sun Harmony Chi Machine manufactured by Sun Ancon in Japan. It moves your legs back and forth and makes your body wriggle like a fish. This movement has fantastic benefits.

Next, have your partner read out loud the seven prayers mentioned in step #1. After that, tell them to get on the massage surface, wearing whatever they choose, and just relax and listen to music for seven minutes.

You leave the room and meditate in another part of the house. I use a kitchen timer to let me know when the seven minutes is up. When the timer goes off I say a quick prayer... "Thank You, Earthmaker, for using my hands to help others grow spiritually and find their way to the Red Fire Path!!" AMEN The hands-on portion of the massage has seven parts (I bet you were expecting that!). Once you place your hands on your partner's body you do not break contact until the massage is complete (*important*). Spend about 20 or 25 minutes on each of these steps. Act like time means nothing.

1) Have your partner lay on their back. Using super light pressure (barely touch) do slow motion strokes thoroughly covering them from head to the heart. Then work from the feet to the heart.

2) Still laying on their back, use massage oil and do some deep tissue work on the accupressure points on the hands and feet.

3) Still laying on their back, use massage oil and stroke in just slightly stronger than (1) from head to heart and then feet to heart. It is important to not go too deep because then you will have to exclude people with certain conditions (like heart problems or strokes) from getting a Jericho Massage.

4) Have them roll over and do the super light touch, head to shoulder blades and then feet to shoulder blades.

5) Still laying on stomach, scratch lightly with your fingernails, head to shoulder blades and then feet to shoulder blades.

6) Still laying on stomach, use oil and work, slightly harder, head to shoulder blades and then feet to shoulder blades.

7) Finally, still laying on stomach, tap gingerly with fingertips, head to shoulder blades and then feet to shoulder blades.

Now lay one hand lightly on your partner's head and the other hand gently just below their navel and say the seven affirmations:

1) "You are partner's first name and the truth of White Snow is ringing on the crown of your head. You are a beloved child of the Earthmaker and totally untouched by negative energy!"

2) "You stand on the top of the Purple Mountain and use your third eye to see the truth!"

3) "You swim in the Blue River and truth and love is expressed from your throat to transform the world!"

4) "You walk through the Green Forest and your heart guides you to your divine purpose and gives you the power to do it with love!"

5) "You play in the Yellow Sun and absorb the warmth. The bright rays emit from your solar plexus and light up the real you, allowing you to see how loveable you really are!"

6) "You rest and find peace in the Orange Sky and the power below your navel helps you to love everything and everyone in the universe and leads you to the one person meant to be your soulmate!"

7) "The heat and power from the Red Fire in your perineum supplies you with passion and the ability to control and direct your sexual energy. This furnace blasts clean all the conduits through the other six energy centers and allows the energy to flow swiftly and unobstructed!"

"Bless you partner's first name for you are dearly loved and cherished! NAMASTE (I honor the sacred in you)....AMEN" Finally, let your partner rest on the massage surface and listen to music for fourteen minutes. The Jericho Massage is now complete. This massage can be done anytime but is really effective when used on certain days of the month and as part of a 61 Day Vision Quest.


This step corresponds to the energy center located in the perineum. This is a little flap of skin between the anus and genitals. This is the area where pressure is exerted when we do a kegel exercise. If we squeeze hard doing a kegel or press on the point while urinating, the stream will stop or slow down until we release the pressure.

Many followers of the ancient study of Taoism press firmly on the area when they are at the point of orgasm and the ejaculate is not allowed to exit the body. It sort of gets recycled into the system. Supposedly this gives them more sexual stamina and allows them to have sex again sooner. Anyway, this is the area that energizes our passion and sexual desires.

It sounds almost sacrilegious, but sexual energy is almost as strong as spiritual energy. Practitioners of kundalini yoga reach a point where their spiritual energy becomes so ecstatic that an electric like bolt of energy goes up the spinal column that really resembles an orgasm! Many people believe that the letters S.E.X. stand for Spiritual Energy Exchange. The bottom line here is that having sex with only our soulmates produces power that opens up the passageways through our energy centers and increases the flow.

Here comes the most important statement in this booklet..."The key to the locked gate guarding the shortcut to the Red Fire Path is to take the enormous energy produced by sexual desire and REDIRECT them toward Earthmaker. He multiplies the energy and directs it back in your direction, propelling you toward the Trail of Truth." (quote from Blue Bear) This re-direction is a major part of the 61 Day Vision Quest. Indians use a vision quest to try and connect with The Great Spirit. The usual method is to meditate and fast (no food, only water) for a period of up to forty days. Many times this leads to a vision revealing eternal truths.

What we are suggesting is not to fast from food but from sexual activities for 61 days. Of course, this will only work if you have already found your soulmate and they are willing to go through the quest with you. You can do a vision quest once a year if you like but the more powerful ones are done in the years that add up to seven. This year is one (2005...2+5=7). One of these years occurs every nine years. The next one is 2014 (2+1+4=7). We would like to suggest that you do your first quest this year and then repeat it every nine years. Quests are always done from November 1st until December 31st. I suppose you have already noticed that 61 days adds up to another seven.

You and your soulmate must make the commitment to do all the activities suggested for the full two months. Here is a list of the activities for each participant:

1) Recite the seven prayers while rubbing the top of your head every morning and every night.

2) Do the Purple Mountain Meditation once a day every day.

3) Do the Blue River Filter once every week.

4) Make a list of possibilities that could be your divine purpose and go over them at least once a week with your soulmate. Delete the ones you have decided against and add any new ones you come up with. Note: I hope you all consider being a Blue Wolf Guide as a possibility!

5) Take really good care of yourselves for the whole two months. Eat healthy and avoid the list of seven things that are bad for you. Exercise regularly. Use the Yellow Sun Energizer whenever you feel tired or sluggish.

6) Give each other a Jericho Massage seven times in the two months. You give one to your soulmate on 11/5, 11/14, 11/23, 12/4, 12/13, 12/22 and 12/31. Your soulmate gives one to you on 11/7, 11/16, 11/25, 12/7, 12/16. 12/25 and 12/31.

7) No sex for the whole two months. Redirect all sexual thoughts and feelings into spiritual energy.

One more thing, both you and your soulmate should keep journals of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. It might be interesting to read them twenty or thirty years from now to see how far you have progressed on the Red Fire Path. One thing you will definitely discover is that the quests get more powerful and more beneficial each time!

This ends what I, Blue Wolf have been told by Earthmaker, Blue Fur and Blue Bear. I pray blessings, love, health, joy, fulfillment, abundance and eternal adventure to all who decide to join us on the Red Fire Path!


I will never regret my meetings by the campfire with Earthmaker, Blue Fur and Blue Bear! I am looking forward to our next meeting. The next two subjects are "Spiritual Sex Techniques" and "Laughter, The Great Spiritual Healer". Whatever they share with me I promise to pass on to you all. Earthmaker once told me that there is only one soul in the universe. I am not sure exactly what that means but I bet I will someday! Blue Bear told me that my mission is to find others who are willing to be spiritual counselors and teach them how to be a Blue Wolf Guide. If anyone wants to contact me you can send me an email at bluewolfguide at yahoo.com

I pray that you all feel the love of Earthmaker lighting your trail on the darkest night! I promise to contact you all soon.

Your friend,

Blue Wolf

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