Friday, March 18, 2005

Cat Totem Medicine, Part One

It's been a while since I posted. I've been working thru some challenging times. Also, in order to share what's been going on, I'll have to divert into another topic besides dream interpretation. I don't know if any reader will be familiar with the practice of working with Totem or Power Animals so I will share just a bit about what this important spiritual work has meant to my own path of healing. I learned, somewhere in my journeys, that animals are teachers. I learned more about that concept from Native-American ceremonies and relationships. I learned the most about it from my own intent to connect in that way, Moontime Isolation and dreamtime work. I began to pay almost too much attention to anything non-human in my path. I was working to learn how to determine if a message was present or if it was just an animal, insect or bird that was sharing space with me in general.

I worked too hard. It eventually became obvious that, even though the non-human kingdom was subtle a lot of times, there was a definite energy that did not require close investigation to feel. It had to do with both when and how the totem appeared as well as my state of mind and thoughts when it appeared. Putting those elements together at the time of the appearance (or in this case, disappearance) of the totem helped me understand the message much more quickly than I initially did.

I would have to start another blog on totem animals to really go into all the times that an animal, bug, bird or other non-human being has spiritually enlightened me. There is a saying that even a stone is a teacher. In my words, the universe is created of God. There really is no other source for anything that exists. Considering that fact, I realize that everything vibrates with some level of the Divine. It cannot help but be so. And I feel that those elements of our world which are absent of ego, personality self issues and human collective mindset are, in many ways, far more clear in their transmission of spiritual guidance than a human would be.

I will detail the dreamtime connection surrounding a powerful dose of Cat Totem Medicine in my own life, in the next few days. I am working to find the right avenue of expression to adequately convey the sharing.

ps. If the concept of actually connecting with and learning from non-human teachers is new to you, and you would like to explore the idea further, I would suggest the following resources....Animal Speak and Animal Wise by Ted Andrews and Animal Walk by Julia White.

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