Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dreams About Snakes

I need to preface this dream by reminding readers that I am a Medicine Worker. With regard to dreamtime work, this means that a dream may involve my beingness in assistance to another. I make this distinction because a lot of popular dream interpretation guides insist that every element of a dream is about the person dreaming. This is just not my reality or my truth. Because I offer myself, consciously, to go out into the dreamtime and work with others, and because I have been trained in doing so by those of other realms, every dream I have is not about me or my life. I've learned how to tell the difference over time.

So this dream is one of those Medicine Worker dreams.

I am with a relative. We are at the edge of his sister's yard. (this is my first clue that the dream is not about me. it is occurring in a place about which i have no attachment or involvement).

This relative points across the street, to a bench and we start across the street to sit and talk (this is my second clue that this is a medicine dream for him and not about me - he is leading the dream).

As we walk across the street, both of us notice a snake near the bench. The snake is turned up on it's back, with belly showing and throat showing predominantly. In other words, the area around the throat calls attention (this points to communication issues between the sister and this relative, a fact he later confirmed.). It is a poisonous, non-indigenious snake. I have the feeling it is a cobra. Since I associated cobras with India, the message takes special significance from the type of snake that is there. If it had been an indigenious snake to our region, a copperhead or rattlesnake, the dream would have had a different level of importance.)

The relative I'm with starts toward the snake, I think he is planning to pick it up. He is pointing it out. I start to warn him not to pick up the snake when suddenly, the snake flips over and comes toward us agressively. At that point, my cat walks in between us and very calmly in the path of the snake. He is bitten. I try to grab him to keep him from getting bitten again but he again very calmly crosses between the snake and us and is bitten a second time.

In animal medicine dreams, I always know that the animal who is injured or bitten is taking something for someone else. It is obvious, even though it is my cat, that the medicine being absorbed (the negative energy coming from the sister) is being absorbed on the behalf of the relative.

I grab up the cat and we run to my mom's house where I try to get someone to go with me to the hospital to have Pooter checked out (Pooter is my cat as you may recall from previous cat medicine dreams). The one who volunteers to go is the daughter of the relative in the dream. So there is a resolve between the daughter, the father and the father's sister that is going on in the dream.

As soon as I woke the next morning, I called the relative. He said he had been thinking about his sister that morning. He had been meaning to go see her but she had been so angry at him in the past that he was hesitant to visit, afraid of her mood. He decided to go see her. I haven't heard back from him on how the visit went and really don't have to hear back to know that strong medicine has been laid down for healing in that family.

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