Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Resolve, Flower Essence Medicines (Okra and Beets)

If you are coming to this page directly, you will want to read the first part of this dream as the follow up written before this one.

The dream message is resolving for me and I feel it is completing so this will probably be the last message regarding the okra and beets dream.

Since my last post, I began taking the okra flower essence which was my first instinct when the dream came. It has helped the flower essences always help me - not in some huge, epiphany sort of way but just in a subtle, balancing and healing way over the past week or so. When I read the "medicine" of okra on the flower essence info sheet, I was again reminded of how the most simple thing can also be the most profound.

The medicine of the Perelandra okra essence is "Retunrs ability to see the positive in one's life and environment". I guess I resisted that message because I didn't want to see so clearly how negative my attitudes had become. Okra has delivered on it's dreamtime promise.

The second aspect of the dream, the beets, was more of a journey. After the terrible lesson with the okra pepsin, I decided I wouldn't order any product that had beets plus other ingredeients in it. Since the okra essence was working so well, I decided to see if there was a beet essence somewhere. There was. In fact, there were two. I started to order the one I found through a seaerch but then the owner of the site emailed that there was another beet essence and sent the link for me to read about it. At first glance, it didn't seem to apply since the medicine of that essence had to do with healing wartime traumas. Then, I began to think about a pattern in my life, as far back as I can recall. I tend to be "at war" with situations. Agressively at war against perceived unfairness or threat. I knew instantly that this was the essence I needed, on recognizing that pattern in my life and also recognizing a specific situation with which I had been at war for the past month that had been draining my energy reserves, my clarity of mind and my faith.

So I ordered it. I've been taking it now for about three days and I report definitely that my agression around the former situation is easing. I am less ready to fight than before and more available to other avenues of expression. So, the beets and okra my male self brought to me in the dream were exactly the medicine I needed and I'm so grafeful to have this dreamtime process.

I wanted to share the site where I got the beetroot essence, in case anyone reading this might have need of it as well. The woman I corresponded with, Glenys, is very helpful and pleasant to connect with and obviously, I feel the essences are made in a good way to have such a good effect on me. So, go visit New Millennium Essences to read about the beetroot essence and other flower essences created by Peter Archer. Neat site, lots of good information and beautiful pictures. Nice affirmations to utilize whether you buy the flower essences or not.

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