Friday, April 08, 2005

Dreams about vegetables, folllow up

This is a follow up to the dream about beets and okra posted earlier. Sometimes more is definitely not better.

I am rethinking the message of this dream due to an unpleasant experience with the Okra Pepsin 3 product I ordered after the dream. Let me preface what I'm about to say by also saying that I am not certain this product caused the problem. It was most likely a combination of factors. I am certain that I should not have jumped the gun and went for a product that had so many other things in it, in addition to what the dream instructed me to use.

I've gotten in trouble for this same thing before. Thinking more is better, or just not paying attention to every ingredient in a product. When I ordered it, I assumed it was okra and pepsin, period. I didn't notice the other ingredients. Even at that, a flag should have gone up. Okra AND Pepsin, not just okra. What is pepsin? What does it do? Do I need it? I didn't ask those important questions.

When I got the product and read that it contained other things, including one that made my "spidey senses" kick in, I just dismissed it and figured more might be better. It was not. What followed after taking the product for a couple of days was severe intestinal distress like you can't believe. Since I was particularly concerned about the bovine orchic extract, I wrote the company, Standard Process, and asked them what the reason was for including it in the formula. I received an email that would have been amusing if the subject had not been someone's health. The response to me was actually shorter than the long, detailed paragraph prohibiting me from sharing any part of the email with anyone else for any reason. I guess if you want the answer, you'll just have to email Standard Process like I did.

This would all be so very amusing to me if it weren't so painful. Perhaps the most amusing thing would be that I have, sitting on my desk right here, an okra flower essence. It's the first thing I thought of but then I thought maybe it wasn't enough......error in judgment. I got it out, set it on the desk, and then went in search on the internet for "more".

In the dream, my male self said simply "I've brought you okra and beets". He did not say "I've brought you okra, bovine orchic extract, alginic acid, tillandsia useneoids extract, carbamide, pepsin and allantoin.

I've included some information on the extra ingredients added to Okra Pepsin 3, in case you are thinking of ordering it. I'm just not a big fan of bovine extracts. colostrum and transfer factor are different provided the manufactors insures grainfed cattle, never given steroids, antibiotics or other chemicals. But extracts? Not too thrilled with them or glandulars, due to the steroids, antibiotics and other chemicals given most commercially raised animals. That should have been a red flag right there. Duh. Simple is better. Now, I just have to find a way to enjoy beets I guess or hey, maybe find a beet flower essence. Wonder if anyone makes one?

The info below was garnered from a search on the different ingredients and is certainly not intended to be represenative of all there is to know about any of them. If one or the other interests you, I'd suggest doing a more detailed search for info.

Bovine Orchic Extract is known as a protomorphagenic compound. When protomorphogens are administered orally, radiographic studies have shown a localized accumulation and absorption of radio-isotopes at the same site of similar tissue ingested.....This may speed the absorption and total supply of raw testosterone producing ingredients....

Alginic acid is an ideal disintegrant for use with nutraceutical actives. Its performance as a disintegrant has been shown to be acceptable with a variety of active ingredients at relatively low use levels. In addition to being naturally derived, alginic acid is also relatively low in sodium and starch free. Combined, these basic product attributes will help improve tablet performance and consumer acceptance.

Tillandsia useneoides extract - Tillandsia's are without doubt one of the worlds most amazing group of plants. Tillandsias have developed the ability to take all their food and water through specially designed cells on their leaves and therefore can exist without any roots for ever. Roots are used by most species to attach themselves and nothing more. Tillandsias can grow in places no other plants can survive including electrical cable on power lines. That's all well and good but I can't locate any nutritional or health value to the extract itself.

Carbamide -Active Ingredients: Urea skin cream, gel, lotion or ointment Representative Names: Aquacare, Carbamide, Carmol 10, Carmol 20, Gordon's Urea 40%, Gormel Cream, Lanaphilic, Nutraplus, Ultra Mide 25, Ureacin-10, Ureacin-20, VanamideUREA (Aquacare®, Carmol®) is commonly used to moisturize dry skin. At high doses (40%) urea can be used to dissolve and remove diseased nails without surgery. Urea is available in many non-prescription skin care products.

Pepsin - Enzymes that digest proteins pose a real challenge. The enzyme must be constructed inside the cell, but controlled in some manner so that it doesn't immediately start digesting the cell's own proteins. To solve this problem, pepsin and many other protein-cutting enzymes are created as inactive "proenzymes," which may then be activated once safely outside the cell. Pepsin is constructed with an extra 44 amino acids which block the large active site groove and hobble the enzyme. In the stomach, this extraneous chain is clipped off and the enzyme begins its destructive campaign.

Pepsin used to be extracted from the stomachs of pigs for small-scale industrial uses. These uses included digesting photographic films made of gelatin to recover the silver and removing hairs from animal hides in the leather industry. To my knowledge it is no longer used commercially, except perhaps in some developing countries.

Note on info: I'm aware that there are many potentially toxic ingredients that, at lower dosages, or with different processings, can be beneficial so this info on pepsin, though amusing, doesn't negate benefits necessarily. I'd have to know more about how it actually works. I do think I didn't need it. I only needed the okra.

Allantoin - Promotes wound healing, speeds up cell regeneration, and has a keratolytic (skin-softening) effect. Allantoin has been termed a cell proliferant, an epithelization stimulant, and a chemical debrider in texts such as the "United States Dispensatory", "Merck Index", and "British Pharmaceutical Codex". It is said to clean away necrotic tissue, hastening the growth of new healthy tissue. Since Allantoin stimulates new and healthy tissue growth, healing epithelization may take place. The FDA OTC Panel has not recognized Allantoin as a wound healing agent, only as a skin protectant. Allantoin has been also termed a counter irritant that helps alleviate the untoward skin-irritation effects of certain cosmetic ingredients such as soap and detergent surfactants, oils, and acidic or alkaline materials. So far, this is the only ingredient besides the okra that looks like something which might be helpful in my situation.

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