Saturday, April 02, 2005

Dreams about Stairs, Dreams about Nuns

Dreamed I was in this building trying to find
a certain room. I kept going up stairs and they
were all white.

There were nuns who were in the building but
I wasn't looking for them, just aware of them.

I found myself going up stairs more than once
and each time, the stairs got more difficult to
climb. Not because I was tired but because the
stairs themselves would not cooperate.

One set of white stairs simple collapsed very gently
before I got to the top, taking me back down to the
level I had started from.

Another set of white stairs was fine but when I got
to the doorway at the top, it got more and more narrow
to where it was hard to get thru it.

On waking, I asked what area of my life this dream
was representing. The answer was business. My
website, after being consistently top ranked at
for many years, suddenly dropped in rank for no reason
I can determine. I had spent several days tweaking pages
and content to see if it would improve my rank.

I kept checking and seeing that my rank was still
not reinstating at the earlier top positions for my main
search terms.

After a couple of feverish work days tackling this
situation with logic and strategy, I had the dream.

Because the stairs were all white, I knew that it wasn't
that I was not supposed to climb them - in other words,
that I was not supposed to work to regain my google
advantage. I came to this conclusion because of my
associations with white and the crown chakra. The
crown chakra represents, to me, my connection to
GodSource energy and usually associated with
incoming spiritual information.

Also, the fact that the difficulties I had with the
stairs happened gently and not chaotically was a
clue that I was on the correct path of action but I was
walking it incorrectly in some way for results.

It became apparent to me that I had been operating
from fear and not love. Up until that moment in time,
I had feared the power of google; I had feared the
potential loss of income.

When a person operates from fear, they are naturally
going to approach a problem from a very survival-oriented
place, and rely heavily on "making something happen".
Forcing a change thru aggressive action.

Spiritually, I'm so very well aware that doing anything
from the ego self perception results in limited success.
By contrast, when I'm able to release result to God
and focus spiritually on right action, rather than going
wild trying different things that may or may not work,
then I see an unfolding that is far better than what I
could have created physically, from fear.

Also interesting is the fact that there were nuns there
but I wasn't looking for them. Maybe I should have been!

I was intent on getting to the certain room, even if it meant
walking up the same stairs over and over. It was only when
the stairs began to deteriorate that I thought of the nuns and
even then, I tried to avoid them.

As always, whenever a person known to me, a famous person
or an archetype is present in a dream, I ask what they mean to
me, generally.

Nuns, to me, sort of represent a life lacking financial abundance.
They also represent a life fully surrendered to Spirit.

So, of course, I ran from the imagery of lack that I associate with
nuns and at the same time, was also avoiding the full spiritual
surrender to my current situation, that was lacking.

My final message from the dream came when the words
"she's buying a stairway to heaven" came into my mind.
It fit perfectly. I was attempting to fix the problem (buy
the stairway) thru my human will and actions rather than
releasing the problem to God.

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