Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dreams about tornados; Dreams about Hurricanes

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I had two dreams night before last. The first, and this is how it so often happens, highlighted the issues and the second resolved them. Unfortunately, I can't now recall the second dream though I recalled it vividly on waking and understood it as the resolution of the second dream. I mention this because I have noticed this pattern over the years. I will have a chaotic, disruptive dream followed by a strong, smooth Medicine Dream resolve.

Dreams about Tornados, Dreams about Hurricanes:

It's interesting and significant that I had both an impending tornado and an impending hurricane in this dream. It opens with me in my grandmother's house. I am with my grandmother and my mom (3 generations represented) plus my grandmother's sister. The sister was a puzzle until I meditated on her in general and got a specific memory which tied into the issues represented in the dream.

I am trying very hard to lead my grandmother, my mom and my grandmother's sister to the basement, where I think they will be safer when the tornado and hurricane come. It is notable that, even though the dream begins in my grandmother's home, it shifts to my current home and basement when I take control of the situation.

There is a moment when I must decide to leave my purse in the bedroom. I want to go in and get it because it has cash money in it but I fear someone will get hurt if I take the time so I leave it.

That's the extent of the dream. We never reach the basement but are on our way there when the dream ends.

In general, both tornados and hurricanes signal chaos, disruption, the stirring up of something and fear. Hurricanes, additionally, signal emotional overwhelm in some area. An excess of emotion surrounding an issue or struggle. In this dream, they seem specifically to be stirring up generational thought patterns and beliefs, as evidenced by not only my mother's presence but her mother's presence. This points to feminine energy in the bloodline.

When I thought about the aunt who appeared, I had a memory. One time, I spent the night with this aunt. As children do, I fidgeted in the bed. We were sleeping in the same bed. At some point, she commanded that I be still or I'd be forced to leave the bed. Well, it was impossible. The harder I tried to be still, the more I wanted to move. It was a very uncomfortable night. This memory speaks very directly to me of self-limitation and feeling out of control.

The fact that the house changes to my house and my basement is significant. One of the more common dreamtime representations of basements is the subconsious mind. That I wanted to take them to my subconsious is significant. Also important is the fact that, in the dream itself, my feeling was that the basement would be a safe place for them. Beyond just representing the subconsious, my basement also represented the part of me that knew how to safely communicate with these important role models in my life.

In reflecting on the current issues, challenges and ego struggles in my life, it comes to me that the hurricane/tornado is precipitated by two decisions. I decided to attend a Sundance ceremony in Arizona. Along with that decision is the certain knowledge that I will be worked on, by Spirit, severely. It never fails. Walking into a Sacred Ceremony is asking for it. God will reveal where you stand and where you need to be standing. I'm afraid of that.

The second decision I made was to travel to Oregon to visit a friend and to be available for auditions for a spiritual film that is casting there, based on the best seller by Neale Donald Walsh titled Conversations with God. Different ego struggles emerge with that decision.

When I think about the purse in the bedroom, that one seems easy. My grandmother was poor all her life. So has been my mother. Poverty consciousness has been a true struggle for me as well, most of my adult life. In making the decisions I've made to travel (neither trip will be inexpensive), I have brought forward some lingering fears about poverty. I think it's a good sign that I did leave the purse in the bedroom, opting for the more important assignment which was getting my mom and my grandma and my aunt to the safe place, my subsconsious mind.
I wish I could remember the second dream. It was rather magical and so very strong. But no matter. I clearly remember recognzing that it was a continuation and the resolution of the work started in this dream.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar dream like that last night. In the dream my family and I just moved into a new home the home was huge white walls and brown wood trim and a lot of rooms. I felt the feeling of accomplishment like finally I achieved my dream.In the house there were windows all around. I looked at the window and I saw the sky turn dark gray and the clouds come near the ground. A tornado was beginnig to form right in front of the house. So I told my husband and two kids to go down to the basement with me. We reach the basement the basement is also huge with small windows all around. The basement was divided into samller room with windows. I looked out the window and saw the tornado coming towards the house. I felt like we were going to die. I want to call my mother on my cell phone to tell her goodbaye but I couldn't. In stead I made a little shelter in the corner so we will be safe from the glass the will blow in. After I while I notice that the torando was not blowing the windows in. so I stood up and look up out the window. I saw the a big black spiraling hole. The house was in the middle of the tornado but it seem to be spiraling back away from the house now. Then I woke up.

Being Now said...

Thanks for sharing your dream. That was just a wonderful and powerful Medicine Dream. I hope you are receiving clarification on the meaning. If not, I would definitely ask for more information from your inner self and from the universe.

I don't have the time for dream interpretations now but when I did them before, I often used to tell people that the worse the dream, the more wonderful. The more powerful. The more our subconscious wants us to look at something and resolve or integrate or heal. Great dream. Thanks for sharing and I welcome more posts from you in the future. Neva