Friday, August 12, 2005

Dreams about Snakes Coming Back from the Dead

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I have been having a great deal of Medicine Dreams lately but I am integrating them so fast that I hesitate to go back and interpret them later. There is one dream I can post that I am still working on and might help someone else one day.

I've posted before that anytime a snake appears in my dream, or in my waking world for that matter, I know I am in for big change. And typically, at least in my own experience, the change is usually either frightening, painful or highly uncomfortable. Snake is transformative medicine. In the same way the snake sheds it's skin, a dream about snakes usually signifies the urgent need to let go of something that no longer serves but something that may be as comfortable as my skin. Usually, a snake with scrape itself against a tree, rock or other hard surfact to tear the old skin and remove it. I came face to face with my fear of pain recently when I tried to self-prick my finger for a home cholesterol test. You would have thought I was trying to get up courage to drive a nail thru my own hand. So, I know it's my own resistance to anything I think might cause me pain or fear of discomfort that is at issue when snake appears.

The dream is incredibly short. I am looking at a bowl of soup that's just been served for me out of a boiling pot of soup. In the bowl is a small snake. Incredibly vivid and detailed. I believe it is a rattlesnake, a baby diamond-back. It appears to be sleeping and seems to be so peaceful to me. Almost as if smiling. I ponder how a snake got into the soup when I realize it is still alive.

I am not afraid of the snake in the dream but I am completely traumatized by the impossibility of the situation. When reality breaks down the middle (a baby snake cannot survive boiling in soup), the brain has problems. I was trying to understand something that could not be logically understood.

What stands out is what I felt about the snake. I wasn't disturbed to find it in my soup. I was disturbed that it was alive when it couldn't possibly be alive. Also the smile on the snake's face and the peacefulness of it was so vivid. it was as if it was merely sleeping and not boiled alive. And then it awoke. It had something different about it's back end. It was not snake. it was white and pointed, and appeared to be hard, like plastic.....not sure what that means yet but I kind of get the feeling the snake was showing me that, even though my life for the past three years has been like being boiled alive in many ways, I've only been sleeping. And now, it's time to wake up what I thought was dead forever. My life.

I feel peaceful, like the snake, with this realization.

That the snake was in a bowl of soup being served to me is significant too. I've drastically changed my eating habits due to some circulatory challenges I've had recently. To me, soup represents eating light and healthy so the fact that the snake was peaceful in the soup and also alive, is wonderful. Maybe, at last, I've learned to make these transformative leaps without so much chaos and pain. That is a welcome change indeed.

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